Only Days Away for Change, In Carpentersville

As “CarpentersvillePlayhouse” come’s  within 40,000 views Since it’s inception…. We are celebrating with……………

“Just Two More Weeks”

bill sarto face book Linda Sliwinski

Village President Bill Sarto          Village Trustee Ramirez Sliwinski

2005-2009                                       2005-2009

The Illegal Alien Sympathizers, will be Leaving public Office on Tuesday, May 5,2009. Thanks to the Responsible Voting Public of Carpentersville.

Sarto received only 16% of the votes in 2009 but, lost more than 50% of his Original supporters from 2005. The statistics in 2005, Bill Got, 766 Votes, over 50% to Paul Humpfers 728 Votes this was out of, 1494 Votes cast’s which was a actually a pretty tight Race. Now in 2009 Bill Sarto, receives only, 341 votes out of a total of, 2093.

“Now if that isn’t a slap in the Face”

Linda Ramirez Sliwinski who prides herself on Representing the Hispanic Community, Lost because of Her support for Illegal Aliens and Her Help in Issuing Mexican ID cards to those Illegal Aliens. She has also Touted herself as supporting Amnesty for Illegal Aliens and Doesn’t want to enforce current Immigration Laws! It appears That her attitude didn’t bode well for Local Voters.

As Evidenced, Sliwinski, Received, 810 out of, 1494 Votes in 2005. When in 2009 she only received, 642 out of, 2093 Vote’s Cast, which is a significant loss in popularity!

“A Message Sent”

And for those who are Entertained by Bill Sarto’s Ranting’s. The Daily Herald Blog, has your Fix…….. here…………. there’s only a Limited amount of time.

Example of Bill’s Posting’s

posted by Bill Sarto on Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:39 AM

Apathy won the election in Carpentersville on April 7th. Less than 15% of the registered voters voted. Of that number only 48% voted for the winner and 52% voted for someone other than the winner. That’s hardly any mandate!


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