Tax Day Tea Party

The Silent Majority




Nationwide Tax Day Tea Party Events Planned

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Contact: Joe Miller, Kane County Area Co-Coordinator

847-428-7814 home

224-629-8062 cell

Conservative grassroots organizations, and folks from all parties, will mark April 15th 2009 with Nationwide Tax Day Tea Parties

Building on the success of the Nationwide Chicago Tea Parties held February 27th in 50 major cities around the nation, conservative grassroots organizations and free market activists will once again come together on April 15th to protest out-of-control government spending. Timed to coincide with the date by which Americans must pay their federal income taxes, the Tax Day Tea Party effort will be coordinated by Smart Girl Politics, Top Conservatives on Twitter, and the DontGoMovement, in addition to other center-right activist groups.

Plans are under way for over 400 rallies in all 50 states, in many cases with rallies scheduled for multiple cities with a State. More sites are being added daily. The goals of these protests is to call attention to the unprecedented wasteful spending by Congress and the Administration.

When asked about the need for nationwide rallies based upon the Boston Tea Party of 1773, Eric Odum, Chairman of the DontGoMovement, remarked, “Building on the free market ideas of our founding fathers, and embracing the passion they shared to bring them to light, the Nationwide Tea Party Movement is giving voice to tens of thousands of Americans.” Added Stacy Mott, President of Smart Girl Politics, “Average Americans do not support the mortgaging away of our children’s futures, and the time to speak out against it is now.” Joe Miller, Kane County Area Co-Cordinator for the DontGoMovement said, “I’m urging the silent majority to be silent no more and to plan on attending the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party to be held at Daley Plaza in downtown Chicago on April 15th between 12 noon and 2 PM.” He offered some guidelines for those wishing to attend. Make signs, bring flags, don’t agitate others (this is a peaceful, informative rally), spread the word and bring friends and relatives. “We are able to provide charter bus transportation at a very reasonable cost to the Chicago Tax Day Tea Party in order to help the folks save money on gas and high parking prices,” Miller added. To reserve bus transportation seating, folks

should call Joe Miller at 224-629-8062 or e-mail him at by April 11th.



Chicago Tax Day Tea Party

Bus trip Participants

Hi all:

I finally have the transportation details for the trip downtown to the event. The cost per seat is $16.00 round trip. You can’t park downtown for that!!! The price may yet change (it MAY go lower depending on the number of coaches used for the events, here and at other locations). I will need your seat reservation and a check for your seat(s) no later than April 12th, as I will be paying for the coach(s) on the 13th. This is a rain or shine event, and no refunds will be made. When you send in your information, could you please include the names and e-mail addresses of those coming in your group. This is so I can include them in any updates between now and the 15th and there may well be some. What I need at the moment, is a body count from each of you so I have some idea where we are and where we are going with this. Just shoot me an e-mail please and let me know. As you pass this information on, if folks contact you as opposed to me, could you kindly forward their e-mails on to me so that I can be sure to get them on the bus list? Thanks.

My address is: Joe Miller, 313 Washington St., Carpentersville, IL 60110 and I can be reached at 224-629-8062 or by e-mail.

The motor coach will leave from the empty shopping center at the corner of Rt. 31 and I-90. Pull into that lot from Rt. 31 at the drive just to the south of Alexanders Restaurant (big sign there), and park on the tollway side of the lot. You will see the coach(s) parked there.

THE COACH WILL LEAVE AT 9:30AM PROMPTLY so plan on being there at least 15 minutes ahead of time please. The coach has a bathroom facility on it.

I will bring a supply of cold bottled water if anyone wants some either before or after the event.

I encourage you to bring some signs and/or flags. If you need some ideas for signs, there are plenty of ideas posted on the various websites about this event. Or you can call me, I will have a list in a couple of days. There is ample storage room under the bus for your signs and/or flags.

The coach will drop us off at or very near to the Daley Center and pick us up at a designated spot at the end of the event. You will be given that information on the coach.


More information on the Tax Day Tea Party can be found at


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