Village Code Enforcement Violating The Constitutional Rights of Americans!

My response to the letter I got about the toilet.  J
Craig Martin
Senior Code Enforcement Officer
Village of Carpentersville
1200 L. W. Besinger Drive
Carpentersville, IL 60110
Good Day Mr. Martin:
I have just received the notice of violation from the Village regarding the toilet in my front yard. It will be removed at the end of the day on the 7th of April, which, of course, is 4 days beyond the date that the letter indicates that it should be removed by. As follows are my reasons for making that statement:
While some might find it objectionable, the toilet is a vital part of the signage above it, and as such, for the village to tell me to remove it, is akin to the village choosing to violate my right of freedom of speech. It would be no different than if the village told me not to wear a “Screw Sarto” shirt out in public….and shirts have been tested at the highest court on freedom of speech issues.
Secondly, I find it odd that a toilet, which is a part of a message, bothers the village, when a wagon, a wheelbarrow, and other junk have remained in the front yard across the street from me for the past three years, as well as an inoperable vehicle parked behind a see through fence. None of those items is a part of any statement, other than the residents saying “I collect junk and I get away with it.”
Trust me, the toilet and the sign will be gone April 7th. In the meantime, if it makes the village happier, I will plant flowers in the toilet until then, and we shall call it a rather odd planter.
Yours truly,
Joe Miller
313 Washington St.
Carpentersville, IL 60110



Just about two weeks ago, Dave Reece [Algonquin resident] and Democratic Chairman of Dundee Township Democrats and candidate for Dundee Township Road Commisioner and close buddy of Village President Bill Sarto, stole two campaign signs on the property of Richard Grass. The very next night, Bill Sarto showed up at Richard Grass’s home with two Carpentersville Police cars. Bill Sarto was upset that Richard Grass has a No-Sarto sign on his garbage can and had campaign signs illuminated.


Now Bill Sarto is using our Code Enforcement to harrass another Carpentersville resident about the way he expresses his political and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS of FREE SPEECH and EXPRESSION.


Village Manager Craig Anderson has already been notified about the police intimidating Carpentersville residents. Now he’s been notified about Code Enforcement’s involvement in harrassing a resident’s rights.



Do you need further proof that Bill Sarto has misused his powers of office?





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3 responses to “Village Code Enforcement Violating The Constitutional Rights of Americans!

  1. Pam

    I totally am in agreement.. these “ village idiots“ have done enough to decay the village.. I for one, am tired of hearing, mind your own business.. keep you eyes and ears in your own yard.. once you make a beef, they are on you like WHITE on rice.. no pun intended. I live in the “ bad “ section of town.. I see daily, over populated homes, trees growing in gutters, inoperable vehicles, pets in homes where they have been removed due to neglect and abuse. I have a friend who has also been targeted. Many of us are tired of the BS.. pure and simple. I find your sign, very appropriate.. and to me.. again, FREEDOM of SPEECH. Baby Sarto was a puss[y], pure and simple. It is a shame he was allowed to destroy a once functioning and nice place to live. I for one, have been here over 20 years. The streets are crap, houses look like crap, all because he is full of crap.. so the toilet is perfect. Wish I would have seen it. Sad the law abiding folks are targeted by the Village due to being able to understand the rules.. keep the word out.. we need to vote this guy out also. Nothing better to do than focus on those who actually care.. I too see so many OBVIOUS code violations. NO city stickers on most vehicles.. noticeable from the street.. nothing has been done yet.. I have all mine.. all of them.. as well as registering pets.. sick of supporting the town without village help. Seems to me, city stickers are a big money maker.. why is it impossible to enforce that? I could go on, but anybody who has a brain, catches my drift.. take care..

    • mwc

      Here’s a better one. Code Enforcement gentleman asks me to email him when I see overweight vehicles parked in driveways. Right like I’m gonna do his job. I feel that if I can see things that are wrong, they should be able to take notice also without my help instead of driving by and ignoring these violations. I see weeds and grass 10 inches tall and trees growing out of gutters. I could go on and on but, why???????

  2. Pam

    Same here in the Indian section.. weeds a foot tall in gutters. Cars UP on ramps, NO city sticker. Yards with weeds all over. And the list goes on. I too was asked to jot down house numbers of those with vehicles with no city stickers, being assured that this issue IS being handled. A real shame. That city officials PAID to do the job, need to have us do it for them. We were also cited for putting up a “ garage sale “ sign on city property. Did not know not to, warning accepted.. but to this day I see sign after sign, up for DAYS… I guess it is the rule for some but not all.. if a city rule is unenforceable or not enforced, what is the point of having it?

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