Sarto Lies about the Capital Improvement program

In response to Bill Sarto’s blatant Lie, We thought we’d tell people the truth about how and when the Capital Improvement Program began.

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Sarto’s Lie as posted in the Daily Herald

posted by Bill Sarto on Wed Apr 01, 2009 5:59 PM

RCG a.k.a. Richard Grass-

For your information the Main Street Bridge was rebuilt while I was the Village President. The Engineering on that project won the Village an award. The Engineer at the time was our current Village Engineer, Scott Marquardt. If you’d like proof, stop by Village Hall and in the outer office of the Village Manager is the award that the Village won.

Can you tell me what part Paul Humpfer played in the finances of the Village? Trustees Sigwalt and Humpfer were on the Village board prior to me and there was NO Capital Improvement Program until 2006. That happened after I was elected. It was a campaign promise that I had made and kept, unlike the promises made two years ago by both Humpfer and Sigwalt that were never kept. I have kept all of the promises I made during the campaign of 2005.

See, that’s the big difference between the majority on the board and myself. I keep my word and produce real results. They are all talk with nothing else to back them up. The results have come since my election. Why didn’t the board previous to my election fix the streets and infrastructure? Why did it take my election to get results?

Village Board Minutes on 11-16-2004 Discussing the TCIP (Transportation Capital Improvement Plan)

Below are the actual documents that were being circulated in December of 2004 concerning the TCIP.






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