Just another love note to our beloved leader.


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11 responses to “FLUSH SARTO DOWN!

  1. carpentersville2

    I’d like to thank the Carpentersville resident for sending Carpentersville Playhouse the above picture.


  2. jhalf

    “Stupid is as stupid does…”

    If there’s a toilet in the front yard, imagine the trash living inside.

  3. cvillegonewild

    Never heard of an OUTHOUSE! The reason for it being outside is to keep the “stink” out, ya know like Sarto!!!

  4. carpentersville2

    A little sensitive about those signs aren’t you?

    You had to resort to name-calling didn’t you. Children, really Jhalf, we really wouldn’t expect anything more from you.

    These “anti-campaign” signs are humorous, but protecting campaign sign stealers like Dave Reece and resorting to calling others childish is, well…..suspect.


  5. jhalf

    You’re just trying to make up for the other thread… like I said it’s not worth going around and around – I consider the source.

    I’d love to see a poll of the general public asking if putting a toilet in your front yard as a “campaign sign” = childish, or if they would consider that a sign of maturity.

    If that = maturity in your mind, then it explains why you are so proud of things like this, and why you hold it up as an example of the level of discourse on this blog.

    No wonder there’s so little comment posting outside of me, who just likes seeing the only online blog presence for the people I don’t really care to see as trustees be on the same level of maturity as a ill-parented 10 year old.

  6. carpentersville2

    Really now, you need to wipe that foam off your mouth. Obviously you’re a bit sensitive to any criticism of Sarto, Sliwinski and Dave Reece.

    That’s why you resort to name-calling and hiding behind an alias.

    The campaign has hit news lows of mudslinging. Yet, to whine about campaign signs with a funny twist and you howl, “CHILDISH!”

    Your loyalty to Sarto is fine with me, really. It’s your same old, same old rants that can’t be taken seriously.


  7. jhalf

    “Obviously you’re a bit sensitive to any criticism of Sarto, Sliwinski and Dave Reece.”

    Actually, no, which is why Sarto and whoever else he has posting on his blog were all up in arms at me when I was on that site, criticizing the childishness of trying to prevent Ritter from getting on the ballot with the whole binder clip thing.

  8. carpentersville2

    Can you give us a link?

    What was your views about our lovable Kent Baldwin and his medium sized paper clip? Talking about petty.


  9. jhalf

    There’s the link:

    So you’ll see, Sarto takes my criticism and says I’m “obviously an apologist” for his opponents, while at the same time (see this same thread) my criticism on this blog is met with you all concluding that “obviously” it means I’m overly sensitive to any criticism of your favorite candidates, and an apologist for Sarto.

    Wow, as a reult of it being so “obvious” to everyone it would seem everyone is wrong with exactly what my comments mean, but no one is even thinking that maybe, just maybe, there’s some real stupid, childish, stuff going on by lots of people on both sides, and that’s in the end what I am upset about.

  10. carpentersville2

    Ok James,

    I’m an apologist for you now, ok?

    Though I think your remarks were childish about my childish comments and ………..


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