Man stops campaign sign stealer!



Thanks to a local resident, he was able to chase the above monkey from stealing a Linda Ramirez Sliwinski campaign sign. He was able to take this picture of this offender.


Apparently, this an act of revenge after Carpentersville Trustee Linda Ramirez Sliwinski chased monkees out of her neighbor’s tree. After the “chasing those monkees incident,” the family of monkees moved out of the neighborhood.


This bigoted incident should’ve  never happened in Carpentersville. These monkees only do jobs, that illegal aliens refuse to do. They’re just trying to make a living and raise their families here in Carpentersville.


They pay taxes and enjoy spending their money at local pubs.



Monkees like the one below, are now arming themselves and training hard to protect their families from the hate that Carpentersville Trustee Linda Ramirez Sliwinski preaches.


The time has come, that we declare Carpentersville a “Sanctuary Village,” for monkees. I’m really tired of hearing how monkees are a drain on our resources and pocket book. All they want to do is make a living, raise their families and integrate into our society.


Is it not worth hiring teachers who speak, write and understand the culture of monkees. This will only speed their blending into human society and be a productive citizen of our great Village. Of course, we all need to pitch in to the local pantry and fill the shelves with bananas, peanuts and other foods that they’re more accustomed to.


We also ask you to understand that their customs like, going to the bathroom in public on streets, sidewalks, in businesses and sometimes in your home is their cultural right. We can’t expect them to assimilate overnight. After several generations, they’ll adopt our preferred method of disposing waste.


The next time you see a monkey walking down your sidewalk, please invite him/her in your home. You will soon see that they’re not much different than you.


Oh….make sure you have plenty of newspapers spread around your floor.



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3 responses to “Man stops campaign sign stealer!

  1. carpentersville2

    Oh Frank,

    The Garbage CAN site says your a Racist, It didn’t take long for them to use the Race Card.


  2. carpentersville2

    I’m a racist, really?

    How can that be possible?

    Didn’t I come out and said that I wanted the Village of Carpentersville to be a “Sanctuary Village.” A village that protects the Monkees from bigoted elected officials like Carpentersville Linda Ramirez Sliwinski.

    Heck, if a Monkey or two decides to climb my neighbor’s trees, I’d be the last person screaming at them to get down from the tree. That like telling a dog not to pee on a fire hydrant. It’s natural.

    It’s apparent that Sliwinski wants all Monkees to be deported and doesn’t care if families are seperated. She thinks Monkees lower the wages of illegal aliens.

    Who’s the bigot here?


  3. carpentersville2

    Well, you know. The Race Card is the last line of defense when you have none.

    Comments like those are typical of our local “Three Stooges”.

    Sliwinski, Sarto and Reece………………………………

    Makes you wonder?


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