A police report was filed last night for criminal trespassing and stealing of campaign signs from the My Residence.

The culprit is the one and only Dave Reece, the guy running for Dundee Township Road Commissioner and also the Chairman of Dundee Township Democrats.

It happened moments after the signs were placed on My Front property at about 9:15 PM. Myself along with Frank Stoneham and Bob Van Cleave where rearranging and adding two more signs to the Illuminated display located close to Butte Ln. and Lake Marian rd. When we had finished Bob had taken a picture of the display shown below and I retired to his House.

About a minute later, I received a call from Stoneham stating that Dave Reece just had confronted Bob  Van Cleave while geting  ready to depart from the My Residence.

I quickly preceded back out in front of his house while still talking to Frank on the phone. Then I asked Frank where the signs go? Frank asked is Dave Reece still there. No he wasn’t and neither were My signs.

At this time I’m pissed, Someone came onto private Property to steal something that didn’t belong to them. Now mind you it’s Dark by this time but, this person had the Balls enough to walk right in front of a spot light to remove this things while Cars a flying by Lake Marian Rd.

Yes the Police were called and we made a report, Not only that I will personally be following up to make sure that this Thug never comes around here again, My mentally disabled wife is frightened to Death now knowing anybody can just walk up to your House steal stuff and get away with it.

We feel Violated and fear for our Safety


The two campaign signs in front, were the ones stolen by Dave Reece.


Algonquin resident Dave Reece and Carpentersville Village President Bill Sarto in the back of the room, scheming.

I am going to persue this all the way.

Richard Grass



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12 responses to “DAVE REECE, SIGN THIEF!

  1. jhalf

    Well if you’re going to act like children and put up dog catcher signs, then don’t expect people to give a care when they get taken. I’m glad you’re frustrated, because that kind of childishness doesn’t deserve anything other than frustration.

  2. jhalf

    lol… “we fear for our safety.”

    come on.

  3. cvillegonewild

    which HALF are you? The dumb half that thinks it’s ok to TRESPASS, STEAL, THIEVE ETC.

  4. jhalf

    Please show me where I said I believe it’s OK to trespass, steal, etc.

    I said don’t expect people to care much about those actions, when the “victims” begin by acting like 11 year-olds by putting up stupid signs like the “campaign signs” that have been supposedly taken. And how much of a pansy do you have to admit to being in order to say we “fear for our safety” after someone took a couple of campaign signs out of your lawn? I’m not saying stealing them is right, but come on, adults wouldn’t have ended up in this position in the first place!

    I hate this, “you’re either all in or all out” game people play in this Village. It’s like, I have to pick a side, and then ANY action that side does I have to support, or else I’m “for” the other side. You know what, I’m not for any “side.” I’m for intelligent, capable leaders, and I have a strange feeling that “dog catcher” signs and “rant-o-meters” aren’t representative of that kind of leader. It’s representative of people who have lived for a certain number of years, but haven’t actually matured into people the kids call “grown-ups.”

    And you can find my “other half” on Sarto’s blog, criticizing him for his stupid “binder clips” childishness a couple of weeks ago, so it’s not like I’m thrilled by him either…

  5. carpentersville2

    Calling residents who want to “express” their opinions about candidates on home-made signs as childish is insulting to them.

    The problem with this country is that most AMERICANS don’t participate in politics. Calling those people who want to do their part, by making home made signs as children is wrong!

    With that said, Dave Reece and now our Village President Bill Sarto, are stealing campaign signs and using the Carpentersville Police to intimidate a resident’s right to express his views.

    We’ll be doing another article tonight on Bill Sarto’s use of Carpentersville Police to force his will on residents that he considers political enemies.


  6. jhalf

    Sorry you don’t like the opinion… and if putting a “dog catcher” sign in a yard against some other candidate is the best example of “participating in the political process” then we really are in trouble! At some point taking something as an “insult” is a choice you make – maybe you want to dial up the ACLU about how “offended” whoever made this sign is… don’t they cater to “paper thin skin” types?

    If that’s the level of “intelligence” needed to win an election, then what does that say about the Village????

  7. carpentersville2

    Don’t worry JHalf, King Sarto brought his Gestapo Ofc. Brown to stop a local resident from displaying signs that senstitive people like yourself find repulsive.


  8. jhalf

    It’s not that I find it “repulsive,” it’s more that I find it just childish and stupid, and, as I said, if that’s the best we can get in the C’Ville political process, then boy are we in trouble!

    I mean, COME ON! Moron #1 goes out and puts up these stupid signs (I mean seriously, you find more maturity in the lunchroom of your local junior high).

    Then, Moron #2 goes and takes the bait and calls the police or whatever to come out and take the sign down playing the “big boy citing village ordinances” card (when does the lunch bell ring again?).

    So then it’s back to Moron #1 who plays the all “upset, devastated, he broke the law, I’m so worried for my safety” card (while really he’s secretly thrilled that Moron #2 took the bait – trade you my cupcake for your chips…)

    It’s just 10 year-olds trapped in the bodies of “adults!” A little less acne, a little more vigagra, a little less hairline, about the same amount of immaturity.

  9. carpentersville2


    Your fitting right in, If only I post your Picture next to Sarto’s.

    The whole Thing is about breaking the Law and Getting away with it. Then we have the abuse Of power by a Village Official for Harassing a resident with Police assistance.

    It wouldn’t be so funny if a lawsuit was filed against the Village and Bill Sarto would it?

    There is Just cause! it’s called Harassment!

    I don’t need Politicians running around my property just because they can’t handle FREE SPEACH.

    Thanks for your Concern,

    Richard Grass

  10. jhalf

    “Your fitting right in, If only I post your Picture next to Sarto’s.”

    lol Sorry I’m not buying it, but if your frustration in someone seeing through your childishness means they just get lumped into your world of people on “the other side,” then it just goes further to my point that it’s not much different than kids on a playground.

    How about you post that pic of the dude with the Rant-O-Meter again… lol! One look at him says “civic expertise!” I really don’t need “leaders” like this!

  11. carpentersville2

    I really don’t need “leaders” like this!

    Jhalf, the inventor of the Rant-O-Meter ain’t no leader, he’s just a concerned citizen who found an outlet for his anger. Richard Grass ain’t no leader either, another citizen who expresses his distaste for individuals like Dave Reece and Bill Sarto, by placing his form of campaign signs on his property.

    Leaders? Bill Sarto who uses Carpentersville Police to intimidate a local resident. Dave Reece, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Dundee Township and candidate for Dundee Township Road Commisioner, who goes trespasses and yanks campaign signs out of the ground. These our your LEADERS Jhalf.

    Yep, criticize private citizens for expressing their Constitutional rights as childish, well done!


  12. jhalf

    “These our your LEADERS Jhalf.”

    No! And that’s what I mentioned above… I’m not going to keep going around and around with you. From what I have seen in person with you at meetings and posted about your past, I’m not so sure it’s worth trying to get you to understand.

    (“A few nails short of a campaign sign,” if you know what I mean.)

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