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Just another love note to our beloved leader.


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Man stops campaign sign stealer!



Thanks to a local resident, he was able to chase the above monkey from stealing a Linda Ramirez Sliwinski campaign sign. He was able to take this picture of this offender.


Apparently, this an act of revenge after Carpentersville Trustee Linda Ramirez Sliwinski chased monkees out of her neighbor’s tree. After the “chasing those monkees incident,” the family of monkees moved out of the neighborhood.


This bigoted incident should’ve  never happened in Carpentersville. These monkees only do jobs, that illegal aliens refuse to do. They’re just trying to make a living and raise their families here in Carpentersville.


They pay taxes and enjoy spending their money at local pubs.



Monkees like the one below, are now arming themselves and training hard to protect their families from the hate that Carpentersville Trustee Linda Ramirez Sliwinski preaches.


The time has come, that we declare Carpentersville a “Sanctuary Village,” for monkees. I’m really tired of hearing how monkees are a drain on our resources and pocket book. All they want to do is make a living, raise their families and integrate into our society.


Is it not worth hiring teachers who speak, write and understand the culture of monkees. This will only speed their blending into human society and be a productive citizen of our great Village. Of course, we all need to pitch in to the local pantry and fill the shelves with bananas, peanuts and other foods that they’re more accustomed to.


We also ask you to understand that their customs like, going to the bathroom in public on streets, sidewalks, in businesses and sometimes in your home is their cultural right. We can’t expect them to assimilate overnight. After several generations, they’ll adopt our preferred method of disposing waste.


The next time you see a monkey walking down your sidewalk, please invite him/her in your home. You will soon see that they’re not much different than you.


Oh….make sure you have plenty of newspapers spread around your floor.


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A police report was filed last night for criminal trespassing and stealing of campaign signs from the My Residence.

The culprit is the one and only Dave Reece, the guy running for Dundee Township Road Commissioner and also the Chairman of Dundee Township Democrats.

It happened moments after the signs were placed on My Front property at about 9:15 PM. Myself along with Frank Stoneham and Bob Van Cleave where rearranging and adding two more signs to the Illuminated display located close to Butte Ln. and Lake Marian rd. When we had finished Bob had taken a picture of the display shown below and I retired to his House.

About a minute later, I received a call from Stoneham stating that Dave Reece just had confronted Bob  Van Cleave while geting  ready to depart from the My Residence.

I quickly preceded back out in front of his house while still talking to Frank on the phone. Then I asked Frank where the signs go? Frank asked is Dave Reece still there. No he wasn’t and neither were My signs.

At this time I’m pissed, Someone came onto private Property to steal something that didn’t belong to them. Now mind you it’s Dark by this time but, this person had the Balls enough to walk right in front of a spot light to remove this things while Cars a flying by Lake Marian Rd.

Yes the Police were called and we made a report, Not only that I will personally be following up to make sure that this Thug never comes around here again, My mentally disabled wife is frightened to Death now knowing anybody can just walk up to your House steal stuff and get away with it.

We feel Violated and fear for our Safety


The two campaign signs in front, were the ones stolen by Dave Reece.


Algonquin resident Dave Reece and Carpentersville Village President Bill Sarto in the back of the room, scheming.

I am going to persue this all the way.

Richard Grass


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Outside looking in‏

Hello there! I’m a long time reader, first time writer to your fine blog and I must say, I truly enjoy your work. Now, I’m not a resident of your village. Actually, I reside in Algonquin, but my home is on the east side of Algonquin and I travel through your community often. In truth, I grew up in Buffalo Grove and only recently moved out to your neck of the burbs two years ago after my parents decided to relocate in style and move to Barrington Hills. Prior to that I had never even heard of Carpentersville, IL. Now, I’m absolutely fascinated by your little town. And I’ll even admit as to why…the drama. I swear Carpentersville board meeting minutes are more engrossing than any prime time reality show. And your blog gives me all the extra delicious details that the stark agenda outlines leave out. Being out while looking in was, a guilty pleasure if you will. At least this is what I first believed. Now, as I become more aware of your community and its
struggles, my once casual curiosity has grown into a genuine concern. I can see that there are some very real problems that exist for the residents of Carpentersville today and I can see that those problems will someday very soon, no longer be your own.

I commute through Carpentersville on a daily basis. My son is developmentally delayed and because of this, we benefit from district 300’s deLacey program. It’s a great program that serves a greater cause and one that deserves a strong community to back it up. Last year, due to various familial and social contacts, I was able to raise hundreds of dollars worth of school supplies that was then donated to my son’s classroom. I did this because I, like many I am involved with, believe that a community is a reflection of the individuals who reside within and as such, we have an obligation to be responsible and productive citizens. So even though I do not reside in Carpentersville, my child is involved with an institution there and thus I consider it to be a part of my community.

That said, I can see that there are those among you who feel the same way I do, you take pride in your community and wish for others to do the same. It is in essence, the American standard, and a value upheld throughout the country. The only difference, however, is Carpentersville’s demographic, which is unlike anything else in the country. And those of you who speak such things, such as the need for reform, are then labeled racists. Which is ridiculous and a cop-out, but a reality in Carpentersville politics. It seems that this is especially true for residents on the east side. Those of you who have roots in this community that date back to when Carpentersville was a sleepy river town.

Prior to my child entering deLacey I considered myself beyond the reaches of your community’s drama. Now I see it on a daily basis. And still, I ignore it. Until today. Today showed me that not only can the drama in Carpentersville be a political issue, but a personal safety issue as well. After I dropped off my son at school, I made my way back to rt.31, or at the very least, tried to. I was delayed in my commute for front of me was a dilapidated vehicle swerving precariously in and out of the lane. At first I thought the driver must be drunk and I thanked God that my son was safe in his classroom while I looked for a way to change my trajectory. Prior to me having the opportunity to turn onto another lane and get clear of this dangerous driver the car simply, and quite suddenly, stopped in the middle of the road. And didn’t move. I sat for a while anxious and confused before the car finally turned, allowing me to go straight and get the heck out of

Was it a drunk driver? No. It was a Mexican woman in her 70’s who was obviously being taught how to drive for the first time by the younger man sitting next to her. What’s worse was there was a small child in the backseat! This all took place on the road that runs in front of deLacey (you’ll have to forgive me, I do not know your street names by heart) as well as two other schools. And there were still children present in effort to make their daily commute. Consider then if a child was not paying attention, which isn’t too far fetched as any parent will tell you, and decided to cross the road abruptly. What would have happened? Is it safe to say that the streets of Carpentersville have on occasion been used for exploratory methods by those who have no right whatsoever behind the wheel of a vehicle. Now one could argue that this sort of thing could happen anywhere, but this isn’t anywhere, this is Carpentersville. And as statistics will show, there is a
higher concentration of people in this little town who not only lack a valid driver’s license, but lack legal citizenship, than the rest of the country.

Unfortunately I did not have my cell phone on me or I would have called the police immediately. But I also found it curious that there were no police to be found. In fact, I never see a Carpentersville police vehicle. Now coming from Buffalo Grove I can tell you that in most northwest suburbs, especially those closer to Chicago, there are cops EVERYWHERE. They saturate the streets, so much so that people would rather go the speed limit and take longer to commute in-lieu of receiving a ticket and paying the massive fines that go with them. And it is because of Buffalo Grove’s massive fines that they can afford their formidable police force. Believe me, I know how stiff those tickets can be! Is it to be understood that Carpentersville is in need of a larger police force? Why not raise the fines for driving offenses? Let those who commit the crimes be the ones to pay for the policing of them? But I am not familiar with state and local laws regarding such
matters, so I do not understand the process involved with mandating fines.

This has been one outsider’s opinion, but you only need to do a little ‘googling’ to see that the rest of the country is starting to take notice and forming opinions of their own. I just think that Carpentersville would and could be a thriving
community if politicians got out from behind their ‘safe zone’ and put
the racist card where it belongs, in the trash.

Always Watching,
P. Sherman

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The Debate goes on, Who should Fund “Dial a ride”?

In this ‘time of economic crisis” the responsible thing for governments to
do is to be as efficient as possible with taxpayer dollars because
taxpayers, after all, are the source of income for all these services.  The
dial-a-ride program is needed by residents, but why should we have a line
item in the budgets of Carpentersville, East Dundee, West Dundee, Sleepy
Hollow etc, when only one line item is needed for the dial-a-ride service?
This practice simply makes it appear that the cost is less than what it
really is.  Why does Dundee Township have a line item for the Salvation
Army, FISH and other not for profits?  Could the township not use this
money to be more efficient in its fiduciary responsibility?

The Illinois Compiled statutes for Township government (Chapter 60)
indicate a Township may provide transportation services to senior citizens
(Chapter 60, article 220).  Several years ago, the Park District solely
provided the dial-a-ride service needed for senior citizens and people with
disabilities in the Township.  The Park District removed themselves from
providing the dial-a-ride service for liability purposes.  Dundee Township
picked up this service as afforded by statute and asked for financial
assistance from Carpentersville and other local governments to transition
the dial-a-ride program to Township responsibility and Carpentersville, in
an effort to transition this program to the Township, provided funding.

Currently, the Park District provides a donation to Dundee Township
specifically for the dial-a-ride program and this funding comes from a tax
levy on the residents of Carpentersville.  In addition, Carpentersville,
East Dundee, West Dundee, Sleepy Hollow and Dundee Township levy taxes on
residents and part of that levy is used for the dial-a-ride program.
Residents of Carpentersville are being taxed by three different
governmental bodies for the dial-a-ride program.

Carpentersville balances its budget each year, which is not the case with
Dundee Township (see pages 34 to 47 of their audited financial statements
at 2/29/08 PLEASE look at the column marked “Budget”).  The Carpentersville
2009/2010 budget was especially difficult to balance and to balance our
budget Carpentersville added no new programs and requested each department
to reduce their expenses to balance the budget.  Also affecting the
Carpentersville budget is debt payments for $20 million in bonds for
capital & infrastructure improvements to our streets, sidewalks, curbs,
sewer & water lines, and streetlights.  The debt service is approximate
$1.5 million annually, and Carpentersville absorbed the debt payment into
its budget without increasing the property tax rate on Carpentersville
residents.  Additionally, based on direction from Trustee Ed Ritter,
Carpentersville added another Police Officer, another Community Service
Officer (for the Police Department) and part time help to assist our Street
Department in street repairs and other needed services.  These “boots on
the street” are needed to provide additional public safety to our
residents.  (As a side note, Sarto voted “No” to adding new police

Aside from Dundee Township’s unbalanced budget, Dundee Township holds
almost $6 million in cash at 2/29/08; see page 16 of their 2/29/08 audited
financial statements.  Further, the Town Fund, from where the dial-a-ride
program appears to be operated, generated over $178,000 in excess revenues
received over expenditures disbursed, see page 19 of their 2/29/08 audited
financial statements.  (The Town Fund appears to be where the dial-a-ride
program is operated, see page 35 of their 2/29/08 audited financial
statements.)  [NOTE: Dundee Township Financial Statements recently became
available after, I am told, a FOIA was made requesting their audited
financial statements.  I am also told the individual requesting the
information had to pay to receive their audited financial statements.]

Carpentersville public safety professionals provide services to Dundee
Township residents at times, but Carpentersville does not request or ask
Dundee Township for contributions for these services.

Paul Humpfer


Trustees in Carpentersville seem to think that the township is “triple-dipping” because of mismanagement, said Village President Bill Sarto, one of the members to approve the contribution. Trustees who voted it down said the program should be funded by the township and not the villages.
“Let us start with the fact that neighboring Algonquin Township provides a bus service for Seniors and the disabled with ALL the money coming from the Township tax levy! Check some of the other Townships!!”

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Watch out! Bring your dogs inside!


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