Carpentersville’s Bindergate



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13 responses to “Carpentersville’s Bindergate

  1. jhalf

    Just a bunch of children… all around. No wonder the Village is in the state it’s in. Two 60 year old’s bickering like children on a playground. They can’t even talk about binder clips without sounding like kids, who thinks they can actually do anything important in this Village? Vote for “Carpentersville Cares” or whoever, it’s all the same mess, and most of them have been at it in this Village for years.

  2. carpentersville2

    The problem started when Bill Sarto claimed on his re-election blog, that he and Village Manager Craig Anderson was in the same room, when he noticed that Ed Ritter STEALING Village property.

    Craig Anderson said that Ed Ritter brought his own “binder clips.”

    Being accused of stealing should not be treated as something to be ignored.

    He played character assassination of Ed Ritter and he had every right to expose Bill Sarto for what he is. A LIAR!

    What’s funny is that Sarto was willing to compare his 60 years to Ritter’s 60 years for honesty.


  3. jhalf

    Blah, blah, blah…

    “Well first little Billy called little Eddie a poopy-head, and then little Eddie said this-and-that, and you can go ask little Frankie, because he saw it all, and…”


  4. carpentersville2

    I guess the question to Jhalf is.

    If someone said you stole something would you be quite or would you defend yourself?

    We all know Why Bill Sarto did this, He’s loony.


  5. jhalf

    “Birds of a feather… argue together”

    1. If it’s such a baseless lie, why lower yourself to the same level by going toe to toe… maybe the Jerry Springer route is easier than all these hard to understand issues like economy and such…

    2. If you are going to defend yourself then sound more prepared and to the point instead of rambling on for 5 minutes. Make your point, and move on. Sarto does the same thing. It’s just childish, and doesn’t convince me we have real leadership anywhere on this Board.

  6. carpentersville2

    So your response to this would be Nothing!

    That’s what I would do, But the rest of us aren’t Running for Village President.

    P. S. Hows the Village Fresh Market Treating you?


  7. jhalf

    The response should be to show that you’re above the pettiness by being so focused on real, difficult issues that this little stupid stuff pales in comparison. Spend your Trustee report time blowing everyone away with your DETAILS on how you are going to fix things, rather than just vague “I Care, I’m 60 and honest, I have to address this blah blah” stuff. If you really had a great important plan how could you waste a second talking about little petty stuff?

    Rally the room/community (and internet viewers) around an amazing outline or blueprint for leading this town into a promising future, leaving the opposition with nothing to offer other than some story about nipple clips.

    P.S. I use the VFM regularly to pick up things there and there for dinner and produce especially. I also discovered “Jarritos” there – and oh man, you gotta watch that stuff, it has “potentially addicting” all over it! You have got to try it.. it’s like $.70 a bottle or something!

  8. carpentersville2

    Well, I consider this one a learning Curve!

    P.S. “Jarritos” I’ll check it out.


  9. carpentersville2

    Jhalf, just for your information. I wasn’t alone when Village Manager Craig Anderson called Bill Sarto a LIAR. There were other residents with me at the time.

    I guess you can call Craig Anderson a child too, heh?

    Bill Sarto was the one, who was calling Ritter a thief. AND now Bill Sarto is calling Craig Anderson and Ed Ritter a liar.

    Mr. Sarto is losing his touch with reality and it’s becoming more evident by the day.

    So Jhalf, are you casting your vote for…umm….what’s his name…….oh, Jim Krenz?


  10. jhalf

    Sorry, I try reading about people calling people liars and who was where, but I just keep hearing the theme to Romper Room, and it just drowns out what you’re trying to say…

  11. carpentersville2

    You are so wrong JHalf, the kids in Romper Room get along much better.

    Only adults are allowed to act this way.


  12. dougmarks

    Hey…this is a meaningless. They are just metal clips costing only pennies. Office consumables, throw away junk. BIG DEAL!!

    All you jerks on the board need to get back to the business of this town and cut out your middle school taunting.

    I hear this childish bickering from my kids. If this is how you folks are then everyone needs to resign until you finish puberty.

  13. carpentersville2

    Nobody is going to resign in Carpentersville, that’s not how things “play out” in Carpentersville.

    The mudslinging and finger-pointing is a right of passage in Carpentersville and Dundee Township.

    Believe me, it’s not just one faction or the other, that does it nope. Sure everyone who starts in politics here, swear that they won’t succumb to mudslinging, but in the end they all fling mud in every direction.

    Sarto does it, Sigwalt does it, Dave Reece does it and others do it.


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