Trustee Linda Ramirez Sliwinski is off April’s Ballot

A Carpentersville trustee was removed from the April ballot today after a lengthy review of signatures on her nominating petitions determined too many were ineligible or illegible.

The village’s electoral board rejected 45 signatures collected by Trustee Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski, leaving the first-term trustee with fewer than the needed 148 valid signatures, electoral board member Judy Sigwalt said.

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Trustee Linda Ramirez Sliwinski came up 6 signatures short after the conclusion of a very lengthy “binder check” at the Kane County Clerk’s office. Trustee Ramirez Sliwinski filed 187 signatures on her petition. This was 39 more signatures than required to have her name placed on the ballot. Generally, that would be considered to be a “safe” cushion by most political experts. Unfortunately, 45 of her signatures were successfully challenged. Most were removed because the person signing the petition could not be found in the Kane County Clerk’s voter registration system.

As part of the Electoral Board that participated in the voter registration “binder check” I must say that I find this very unusual. Especially, right on the heels of one of the largest election turnouts in recent history, also just following the massive voter registration of many first time voters it seems inconceivable that this could be possible.


below, Bill Sarto (left) and Roeser’s Attorney Doug Ibendahl (center) checking petitions in 2007, that time it was Trustee Humpfer, Trustee Sigwalt Keith Hinz and Frank Stoneham who’s petitions were being challenged.


Dave Reece (upper left) Roeser’s attorney Doug Ibendahl (center)

Watching the Electoral Board who at that time was Sarto, Trustee Kay Teeter and Terry Wilde, village clerk

Doug 2



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