Is Sue Harney looking out for her own best interests?

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The full story about Dundee Township pay increases


At least one local blogger (a financial backer of Harney’s re-election effort) and Sue Harney have cried foul we have made light of her pay increase.  While we certainly question the credibility of blog statements, coming from a supporter of Harney, this release attempts to cover the issue more completely.


Based on the Township’s audited financial statement for the year ending February 29, 2008 (page 34), Township Supervisor Harney was paid direct compensation totaling $30,800 per year.  The Township Road Commissioner was paid a total of $63,640 per year (page 34 and 43, note: half of the Road Commissioner’s pay is included in the Road and Bridge fund which is inconsistent with Illinois statue).


At the October 21, 2008 Dundee Township Board of Trustees meeting, Resolution 2008-8 was passed giving the Township Supervisor a salary of $40,000 per year, an increase of $9,200 per year (or) a 29.9% increase over her current salary.  This resolution also gave the Road Commissioner a salary of $72,000 per year, an increase of $8,360 per year (or) a 13.1% increase over his current salary.  Voting in favor of this resolution were Trustees Lauer and Edwards and opposed were Trustees Behm and Schaffer.  Harney cast the tie-breaking, final vote to approve this resolution, and increase her own pay.  Additionally, Dundee Township is the only Township in Kane County employing an Assistant Township Supervisor, at a cost to the taxpayers of $19,000 per year.


At the January 31st League of Women Voters forum, Supervisor Harney defended this raise stating the position is full-time, not part-time, and Harney deserved such a large raise due to the work she has done. 


We find it alarming when any elected official would feel so comfortable defending this size of increase.  Make no mistake; this is a public service position.  When Harney ran for office in 2001 and re-election in 2005, she knew what the position paid.  Any argument she or her supporters put forth, expose her insensitivity to the taxpayers and the economic conditions they face. 


Harney and her backers can only make their justifications “work,” through the use of data for Township officials outside Kane County.  Perhaps Harney and her team are unaware of what county she lives in.  The fact Harney feels she can justify giving her self such a large pay increase, speaks for itself. 


It is debatable whether the Supervisor’s position is a full-time or part-time position.  At the same forum Harney explained she was the lowest paid Township Supervisors.  That wasn’t really the full story.  In defending this raise, Harney is most certainly twisting the facts. 


When comparing the current Supervisor’s salary to a sampling of other part-time Township Supervisors in Kane County, Dundee Township ranked FIRST of the townships we were able to sample.  Of the 16 Township Supervisors, only two (Aurora and Elgin) Townships are currently deemed full-time positions due to the magnitude and scope of the populations they serve, which we purposely omitted these from our survey.  The most direct comparison is Campton Township, which is the only other Kane County Township with an Open Space program.  Harney will now be paid 22% more than the Campton Township Supervisor.  It is our assertion that if Harney feels her position is a full-time; it is due to her own creation and not one of necessity.



Annual Salary



Big Rock












St. Charles





The Pay Raises page of our website includes pictures of Harney, impeached Governor Blagojevich, and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger.  The voters of Dundee Township placed their trust in Harney to spend their tax dollars wisely.  We feel Harney along with Blagojevich and Stroger, violated the public’s trust, showing disregard for the value and use of the taxpayers’ money. 


We call upon the current leadership to include a motion of reconsideration on the February 17, 2009 Board of Trustees meeting agenda, to roll-back these large increases in pay.  We are hopeful that Trustees Behm and Schaffer will make this motion, so the issue can be discussed and voted upon again.




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4 responses to “Is Sue Harney looking out for her own best interests?

  1. billita

    Well, one thing’s for sure—Don Rage is looking out for HIS best interests. If this guy wins in his bid to outseat Sue Harney–WATCH OUT!

    Remember, this is the guy who, as a Kane County Board member, wanted to SELL all the county buildings and the land around them to DEVELOPERS.

    Our open space is one of the best bargains we’ve received as taxpayers. Sue Harney is someone who can be trusted with guarding that land for us and future generations. The land is available for free recreation, a home for wildlife, and also prevents flooding in our community. While this is public land, in the wrong hands, we could lose something very precious.

    Don Rage’s good old buddy, Frank Scarpelli, (on the Dundee Township Park District board) wanted to turn Bonnie Dundee Golf Course into a GRAVEL PIT. Isn’t Frank’s wife running for the township board? Interesting.

    Also, can Don Rage be trusted with stewardship over Dundee Township’s wildlife? This is, after all, the guy who plowed his car into the buffalo pen in Elgin in the wee hours of the morning.

    I urge everyone to get a Republican ballot and vote for Sue Harney and JoAnn Fritz (as trustee) in the primary. I, for one, don’t want to worry that our open lands will be leased for gravel mining.

    Rage is trying to give life to his political career, a career that was killed by his dumb ideas (sell Kane County government buildings and land) and bad driving. Don’t be fooled by him and his propaganda. For instance, notice how he tries to link Harney, who is the most trust-worthy politician in the state, to Blagojevich by mentioning them in the same sentence. This is a dirty trick and shows Rage’s true character.

    Billita Jacobsen

  2. carpentersville2

    Mr Rage,

    It looks like someone turned your sign over right across from the Raceway woods Silo that Dave Reece painted. ????????

    Richard Grass

  3. wutevr

    Did these guys get a lot of wedgies when they were growing up or something?

    Here’s something they keep leaving out of their “reports”: The raise isn’t for Harney, it’s for the POSITION. It won’t go into effect until after the election.

    It sounds like the board and Harney are just trying to bring the salary up to a fair level for a full-time position. And it’s still pretty pitiful considering all the work it must be. The guy before got $52,000 and that was before Open Space.

    I think Sue Harney has done a great job, and I have yet to see any valid argument for why we would want to change supervisors.

    However I’ve read lots of reasons why Don Rage should NOT be elected. Shall I share? This link is quite interesting:

    And didn’t he get fired last month by the Grand Pointe home owner’s association because he refused to share the HOA bank statements with the Board of Directors? Kimball Farms hasn’t received a requested audit in three years.

    –He’s lost in his last 4 attempts to get elected (wonder why).
    –When he was a Kane County Board member, he wanted to sell all the county buildings and the land around them to developers.
    –He was working with Frank Skarpelli to turn Bonnie Dundee golf course into a gravel pit.
    — He nearly succeeded in getting an asphalt plant put in a residential neighborhood before being booted off of the County Board in 2002.

    I dunno — this guys seems to have a lot of dumb ideas. Voters should consider whether they want someone this type of track record for their Supervisor.

  4. wutevr

    In all fairness, readers might want to know what Sue Harney has done in the past 8 years as Township Supervisor. I’m sure there’s more, but this is a pretty good list:

    –Saved Raceway Woods
    –Got $5.3 million in grants for open space
    –Expanded transit services
    –Got $234,000 in transit grants
    –Oversaw construciton of over 10 miles of new walking trails
    –Maintained local control of our open space
    –Steadily expanded public access for open space with parking lots and entrances
    –Ensured replenishment of our ground water and wells with smart land management,
    –Created and funded a green green infrastructure project that will bring jobs and $1.3 million federal and state dollars into the local economy with the Jelkes Creek project.

    If Sue is re elected, and I hope she is, she deserves way more than $40,000/year. She’s brought in millions of dollars that would have gone to other townships.

    You know what I like about best though? She’s a class act.

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