Ritter will rid us of that Critter!

The below picture, says it all from the Daily Herald.

Can you put a caption to this picture? 


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14 responses to “Ritter will rid us of that Critter!

  1. carpentersville2

    Dave Reece whispers in Bill Sarto’s ear, “Where the Hell is Jim Krenz, didn’t the Roesers pay him off yet, to split the vote?”

  2. carpentersville2

    Sorry Bill, Joey “the weasel” Haimann couldn’t come, due to some upset stomach. I told him to get a hold of himself, but you know Joey, he’s got no backbone, so I had to hand his petitions in.

  3. carpentersville2

    OH SHIT! Is that a can of RAID in Ritter’s back pocket!?!?

  4. moretrufe

    “Look, I told you it’s spelled R-I-T-T-E-R. Don’t you speak American?”

  5. moretrufe

    “Alright, Dave, here’s the plan. You go kneel down behind him. When he turns around, I’ll push him…”

  6. moretrufe

    “His ass looks HUGE in those jeans. He can’t be Village President? Am I right, Dave?”

  7. moretrufe

    “What do you get when you cross Bill Sarto with Dave Reece…

    …they’re standing right behind me, aren’t they?”

  8. cvillegonewild

    WOW DAVE, I REEEAAAALLLYYYY………. like his ASS!!!!

  9. cvillegonewild

    Hear, we can hide the stuff in his CRACK!

  10. cvillegonewild

    Hey Bill, Where’s Calusinski?

  11. carpentersville2

    Dave whispers again in Bill’s ear, “Hey Bill, where’s Sliwinski?” Bill whispers back, “She’s chasing more monkees out of trees over at Foxview.”

    https://carpentersvilleplayhouse.wordpress.com/2008/04/13/i-guess-the-monkey-business-is-all-over/ Foxview.”

  12. cvillegonewild

    C’mon Bill can’t you make them hurry up, I got signs to steal!

  13. cvillegonewild

    Dave whispers to Bill “don’t worry I’ll steal that camera”

  14. carpentersville2

    Dave whispers in Bill’s ear, “Sorry Bill, but if he was 6″ shorter and was a woman, I would knock him off that chair.”

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