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Racists drivel!



Rueben Navarrette, columnist for the Daily Herald, always has a very prominent display of his rhetoric on the Editorial and LTTE page.


This so called columnist is just a shrill for the illegal aliens that plague our communities. His loyalties are clear and it’s to his ethnic background and not to the American taxpayers and the working class, who are here legally.


Carpentersville Bill Sarto and his band of illegal alien supporters, used intimidation and calls for boycott to get rid of Chris Bailey, who happens to point out the economic costs of illegal aliens in our community. She was also a outspoken critic of Bill Sarto too.


The time has come for all of us to e-mail and/or call the Daily Herald about Rueben Navarrette’s propensity to call people with different views from his as, “racists and bigots.” This has to stop!


Ethnic loyalty is just fine and dandy, if your Hispanic, BUT, if your Caucasion and you criticize illegal aliens, you’re called a bigot. This has a way of throwing cold water at any debate about the costs and effect it has on our community.


Please send your complaints to stop the name-calling by Rueben Navarrette.


You can send a letter to the LTTE

or send your complaints directly to the Editorial Board.

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Robert Lee calls for reform of Dist. 300

CONTACT: Robert Lee
TELEPHONE: (847) 844‐0397
January 19, 2009
CELLULAR: (970) 420‐6468
EAST DUNDEE ‐ Robert Lee, candidate for District 300 School Board, began pushing for the implementation of comprehensive ethics reform, working with the Policy and Legislation Committee to draft a proposal limiting the influence of pay‐to‐play tactics and other necessary reforms.
“Given that our state government passed a landmark pay‐to‐play ban in September, I think it is high time District 300 follow suit. Given the alleged actions of our governor, public officials at all levels of government should demonstrate their leadership by passing needed reforms,” Lee said. “District 300 must honestly evaluate its policies and pass comprehensive ethics reforms immediately.”
In August 2007, board member John Ryan sought to restrict campaign contributions from companies who receive $5,000 in business from District 300. Additionally, the policy prevented a business relationship if contributions were made to campaigns that directly affected the District any time during the two prior years. Lee hopes to finally see a similar reform package developed and passed by the District.
Lee said he’s worked to include language in the conflict of interest policy that would restrict campaign contributions to candidates for school board from companies that receive business from District 300. Additionally, he worked to place similar restrictions on contributions to support or oppose District 300 ballot referenda, and make clear that prohibited political activity by district staff includes supporting or opposing candidates and ballot measures during compensated time.
“I supported Mr. Ryan in his first attempt to pass meaningful change in District 300. The vote of the board to defeat this important policy would have angered me had it not been so disappointing. This is a clear chance for all seven members of the board to demonstrate their ethical responsibilities. I will work to see positive changes are developed in the Policy and Legislation Committee, and lobby the Board to encourage approval of the changes.”
For more information about Robert Lee or his commitment to the District 300 community, please contact him by telephone at (847) 844‐0397, by cellular phone at (970) 420‐6468, by email at, or by visiting


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More stuff on the killer.


We at Carpentersville Playhouse is being bombarded with so much information and rumors, it might take some time and effort to display here on this page.

Here’s a link where when one of Mellissa friends says that Mellissa had two abortions in a year.

Also, we understand that Jacki Humpfer has been suspended from the daycare center, after questioning from Licolnshire police. Crystal, who’s Mellissa’s sister has supposedly has stopped working for the same daycare center.

As a side note, Mellissa will appear in front of a Judge tomorrow at the Lake County Courthouse  on Thurday.


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A My Space Page for Ed Ritter

Carpentersville Trustee Ed Ritter for Village President

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Ritter will rid us of that Critter!

The below picture, says it all from the Daily Herald.

Can you put a caption to this picture? 


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