Carpentersville’s election April 2009, another EXPLOSIVE election?




Is Carpentersville really ready for another explosive election? More personal attacks, more innuedoes and mud thrown in all directions?


Could the above cartoon be Bill Sarto and Judy Sigwalt?


Coming soon, we’ll be discussing the past, present and future of these two candidates for Village President. We’re going to dig deep into these individuals past behaviours. We won’t play any partisan games like the other two Bill Sarto’s re-election campaign blogs.


Both Bill Sarto and Judy Sigwalt have extremely large egos that could cause a Solar Eclipse. Could Carpentersville live with another 4 years of King Sarto or the next 4 years with Queen Sigwalt.


Stay tuned and learn more about these two bomb throwers and their desire to destroy what is left of the future of Carpentersville.


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15 responses to “Carpentersville’s election April 2009, another EXPLOSIVE election?

  1. oldtowner

    Explosive? Yes! WHO can diffuse this bomb?Certainly there is someone better than Judy Sigwalt or Bill Sarto to lead Carpentersville in a better, more positive direction.

  2. carpentersville2

    How do you think Judy’s trying to Destroy Carpentersville?


  3. whackjob

    Even a whiffle ball bat could beat Bill Sarto

  4. batherup

    is that you paul?

  5. jccville

    Mr. Stoneham, shame on you! Judy Sigwalt has done a great job and service for Carpentersville. Just look around you and you will see that the Mexicans are leaving in droves. The schools are not seeing the increase in enrollment with these vermins that suck our valuable tax dollars up.

    Do you really want to help Bill Sarto to win? Only Judy Sigwalt can beat Sarto and win the day. She has the backing of the Fox Valley Citizens, Midwest Minuteman and Republicans.

    Do you want the same election results as November 4? Do you want liberals, muslims, mexicans and other socialists to run Carpentersville into a boiling pot of rotten anarchists?

    Judy Sigwalt and Paul Humpfer helped to get rid of the criminal element. They will continue the fight to clean up Carpentersville. The ordinance to stop the illegal criminals will be her number one priority as Village President. With God’s help, Judy Sigwalt and Paul Humpfer will trounce Bill Sarto and his foreign loving and atheistic allies.

    God bless you Judy for the work you have done on his behalf!

  6. jhalf

    I am pretty unimpressed with any of the Village Board members, and after being at meetings in person, Sigwalt is one of the least impressive. The only reason half these people are even in roles like this is because of a lack of intelligent people in this area.

    Whether a town is Republican or Democrat in the way it leans, you need a pool of intelligent people to both run for office and recognize the best candidates to vote for if you hope to see improvement.

    She’s been on the Board and meddling in Village affairs for how long??? And the issues we face just linger on and longer on… It’s not as much our leaders are evil or something… they’re just mediocre people only able to achieve mediocre results, with limited maturity, so the frustration just boils over and becomes personal and directed at each other.

  7. carpentersville2

    Richard, I didn’t exactly say that Queen Sigwalt would destroy Carpentersville.

    Jhalf, I agree, most of the Village Board ain’t fit for any leadership role in Carpentersville.

    This Republican and Democrat partisan b.s. that comes from King Sarto and Queen Sigwalt is hogwash.

    We need to replace Sarto and find a better candidate than Queen Sigwalt for the position of Village President. These two candidates will muddy up Carpentersville to new lows.

    King Sarto is mentally deranged and Queen Sigwalt thinks she is God’s chosen one for the position.

    I’ll cover more in my next column about why both of these individuals are not mentally fit for the position of Village President. This will include e-mails, phone calls, conversations and face to face conversations, that will show the shallowness of both of these ego-maniacs.

    Yours truly,

    Frank “King or Queen, C’ville will suffer” Stoneham

  8. carpentersville2


    If Judy doesn’t run against Bill Sarto who else do you think could take on Bill?

    Judy Sigwalt, did win the last election by the largest majority of all the running Candidates. She has also been on the Village Board longer than all the Trustees, including Mr Sarto.

    I’m not seeing any other solution here, but Judy Sigwalt

    Experience and Longevity is what I’m seeing!


  9. jhalf

    “She has also been on the Village Board longer than all the Trustees, including Mr Sarto. I’m not seeing any other solution here, but Judy Sigwalt.”

    If you don’t change the system, don’t complain when what it generates are the same results. If she’s the strongest candidate for the Board, then that says something (bad) about the people in this Village, in which case I’m done hoping for anything in the realm of improvement.

  10. carpentersville2


    Do you have any suggestions for a solution, Or a candidate for Village President besides, Bill Sarto?


  11. carpentersville2

    Richard, Queen Sigwalt has plenty of experience, no doubt. Does that make for a great leader? Sometimes and sometimes not.

    Queen Sigwalt suffers the same ailments that King Sarto has. Putting a gavel in her hand, with her sensitivities to any type of criticism will result in a lack of “decorum.” Her buttons, if anyone wants to push them, results in her having a “hissy-fit.” And, believe me, her buttons are more easily manipualted than the King himself.

    Richard, I’ve been hanging around Village Hall meetings for a long time now. I saw Queen Sigwalt in action and it’s not pretty! Trustee Nancy Moore at the time of the Boettger regime was the only voice of opposition to the tax and spend habits of a Board that had absolutely no controls over it’s financial woes.

    Trustee Sigwalt made it a habit to belittle and attack trustee Nancy Moore at virtually every meeting. Queen, ooops, I mean trustee Sigwalt and her companion attack dog trustee Roeckner, would make a mockery of trustee Nancy Moore’s attempts to control spending. Richard, do you remember Carpentersville’s FOUR STRAIGHT YEARS of NO-OPINION AUDITS?

    Trustees Sigwalt, Rockner and Village President Boettger silenced trustee Nancy Moore. How did they do that? They voted in “Executive Meeting'” that trustee Nancy Moore could no longer question staff about finances, since there was a complaint filed for “HARRASSMENT” by a unidentified person [s] employed throught the Village of Carpentersville. Yep, with the help of our inept Finance Director and the collusion of our inept Village Board at the time, THEY were able to silence trustee Nancy Moore. No longer could she question staff’s uncontrolled spending habits. No longer could she question staff’s spending $1500 on a “Ice Making Machine” without consulting anyone. No longer could she question Carpentersville Finance Director Kline’s record keeping. Or, why we were a laughing stock of Kane County, with the worst financial records of all the communities in Kane County.

    Judy Sigwalt’s behaviour was rude and vindictive toward a sole voice of reason.

    Richard, you need to step back and look a the total package that Queen Sigwalt is. You may see her as a hero for the fight against illegal aliens in Carpentersville. But, right now we need to wait for the Supreme Court rulings, which is still a couple of years away. Besides that, Queen Sigwalt will be looked at by Mexican-Americans as someone who’s not quite sensitive to them or should I say racist.

    Richard I could rant and rave longer than King Sarto himself, which would probably blow up the RANT-O-METER as reported in a previous column and used at Village Hall Meetings. That Judy Sigwalt is not fit to be Village President. I’ll get into more of Queen Sigwalt’s personality flaws, if you wish. But, hopefully she’ll just stop her run for Village President and I’ll stop with the bashing of her.

    So Richard, you asked me, “Who else, can take on Bill?”

    There’s only one Village Board member who has not belonged to any pro-illegal and anti-illegal alien groups. Only one, who has no excess baggage. Only one, who does NOT offend Mexican Americans or long term residents of Carpentersville who have seen their neighborhoods and schools become Hispanic ghettos. Only one, who’s squeekie clean. Only one, who can defeat King Sarto, Linda “La Raza” Sliwinski and their slate.

    Carpentersville trustee Ed Ritter.

    Yours truly,

    Frank “stop the rancor” Stoneham

  12. jhalf

    I don’t have a suggestion for the Board – but that doesn’t mean what I have said in these comments is somehow less valid.

    Having not lived here very long I haven’t yet come across enough people to have found examples of C’Ville residents who seem like the type of people that would take this Village forward. Not to say they aren’t out there – and believe me when I say I look as forward as anyone to welcoming them if they are!

  13. carpentersville2


    Ed Ritter is the only one on the Village Board who hasn’t been allied in either camp as far as the “Ordinance” is concerned.

    Trustee Ed Ritter has not sided with the Republican or Democratic Party like King Sarto or Queen Sigwalt. He’s truly non-partisan and has only the Village future in mind.

    He’s a school teacher and a single parent. Most of all, he hates the mudslinging that’s going on in Carpentersville.

    Trustee Ritter would be the “only choice” among the Village Board who could unite our Village and STOP the DIVISIVENESS.

    Yours truly,

    Frank “Ritter will get rid of the litter” Stoneham

  14. jhalf

    Maybe, I don’t know. I haven’t gotten a real sense of Ritter at the board meetings I’ve attended – maybe because the attention was all on the current attention-getters we have in place.

  15. carpentersville2

    I know what you mean Jhalf.

    It seems that those who want to run in the April elections, have been yelling and pointing fingers at each other for political reasons. Of course, some of this, if not all of this mudslinging is the result of personal animosity.

    This needs to stop, especially those who want to lead Carpentersville for the next 4 years.

    Sarto and Sigwalt have a mean streak that will continue on, if either one wins. These two pompous individuals have been in the forefront of all this bad publicity. Thus, they have their small minded supporters who have encouraged them to attack the other at all costs. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help unify our community.

    Electing either King Sarto or Queen Sigwalt will add to the divisiveness and contentious behavior of the
    Village Board and most of all… Carpentersville.

    Yours truly,

    Frank “the hate must stop” Stoneham

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