Political parties die from the head down



The respected and may I say “CONSERVATIVE” newspaper, The Economist, has pointed out why the Republicans lost to the Democrats and President-elect Obama.

They pointed out that the majority of those making over $200,000 voted for Obama. Majority of College graduates voted for Obama. The list, which surprisingly includs the wealthy, who would get whacked by a revision of the tax code, voted for Obama.


The Economist also pointed out that 3 out of 10 Republicans, who ran in the primaries, didn’t believe in “evolution.”


What I found hilarious is that McCain had to apease the “Bubba group” by throwing in Sarah Palin as “BOOB bait.”


To read more about why the Republicans lost read the bottom article from the Economist Newspaper, which is read across the globe.




Yours truly,


Frank “redneck theology” Stoneham


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