Support your local FAT CATS!!!


Yes Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, we need now, more then ever, to help these rich FAT CATS in our great country of America.

You see, now that we have elected Barack Obama and the Democrats to run our country in 2009, the FAT CATS are at risk of getting thin!!! My GOD, we have pampered the FAT CATS in Washington and elsewhere to the point, where they can’t take care of themselves anymore.

So, this is what I propose.

1. Leave a bowl of milk outside your door.

2. Tuna, if you can afford it, should be served on fine porcelian or other fine china.

3. Spay and/or neuter them, so they don’t breed, we don’t need our neighborhoods overrun with these free-loaders.

4. Take them into your house, when the weather gets bad.

These simple Christian acts will help with the suffering of these endangered species. Please don’t forget to help the FAT CATS, ask your local elected representatives to help the FAT CATS. We can do this by giving the FAT CATS tax breaks, eliminate those pesky red tapes for our Banks, Financial Institutions and other well deserved and respective organizations. Also, we can eliminate the EPA, Workman’s Comp., OSHA, Unemployment Comp. and other institutions that hurt our poor FAT CATS.

Do your part in this great cause, before our FAT CATS become EXTINCT!

Yours truly,

Frank “do your part” Stoneham


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