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Carpentersville’s election April 2009, another EXPLOSIVE election?




Is Carpentersville really ready for another explosive election? More personal attacks, more innuedoes and mud thrown in all directions?


Could the above cartoon be Bill Sarto and Judy Sigwalt?


Coming soon, we’ll be discussing the past, present and future of these two candidates for Village President. We’re going to dig deep into these individuals past behaviours. We won’t play any partisan games like the other two Bill Sarto’s re-election campaign blogs.


Both Bill Sarto and Judy Sigwalt have extremely large egos that could cause a Solar Eclipse. Could Carpentersville live with another 4 years of King Sarto or the next 4 years with Queen Sigwalt.


Stay tuned and learn more about these two bomb throwers and their desire to destroy what is left of the future of Carpentersville.


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Political parties die from the head down



The respected and may I say “CONSERVATIVE” newspaper, The Economist, has pointed out why the Republicans lost to the Democrats and President-elect Obama.

They pointed out that the majority of those making over $200,000 voted for Obama. Majority of College graduates voted for Obama. The list, which surprisingly includs the wealthy, who would get whacked by a revision of the tax code, voted for Obama.


The Economist also pointed out that 3 out of 10 Republicans, who ran in the primaries, didn’t believe in “evolution.”


What I found hilarious is that McCain had to apease the “Bubba group” by throwing in Sarah Palin as “BOOB bait.”


To read more about why the Republicans lost read the bottom article from the Economist Newspaper, which is read across the globe.


Yours truly,


Frank “redneck theology” Stoneham

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Support your local FAT CATS!!!


Yes Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer, we need now, more then ever, to help these rich FAT CATS in our great country of America.

You see, now that we have elected Barack Obama and the Democrats to run our country in 2009, the FAT CATS are at risk of getting thin!!! My GOD, we have pampered the FAT CATS in Washington and elsewhere to the point, where they can’t take care of themselves anymore.

So, this is what I propose.

1. Leave a bowl of milk outside your door.

2. Tuna, if you can afford it, should be served on fine porcelian or other fine china.

3. Spay and/or neuter them, so they don’t breed, we don’t need our neighborhoods overrun with these free-loaders.

4. Take them into your house, when the weather gets bad.

These simple Christian acts will help with the suffering of these endangered species. Please don’t forget to help the FAT CATS, ask your local elected representatives to help the FAT CATS. We can do this by giving the FAT CATS tax breaks, eliminate those pesky red tapes for our Banks, Financial Institutions and other well deserved and respective organizations. Also, we can eliminate the EPA, Workman’s Comp., OSHA, Unemployment Comp. and other institutions that hurt our poor FAT CATS.

Do your part in this great cause, before our FAT CATS become EXTINCT!

Yours truly,

Frank “do your part” Stoneham

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Don’t worry Richard, he won’t enslave you and send you to Africa.


What he’ll do is stop the Socialist policies of the Republican Party. The subsidies for the super rich fatcats will end! President Obama will now look after the best interests of the AMERICAN WORKER.


Yours truly,


Frank “the rich will have to fend for themselves” Stoneham


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