King Sarto deletes and gavels all!

King Sarto’s re-election blog

is back to deleting posts that our beloved King Sarto doesn’t approve of. Just like our Village Board meetings where he’ll gavel anyone who dares criticize trustee Linda Remariz Sliwinski, Paul Calusinski, Dave Reece and of course King Sarto. Yet, he’ll let others personally attack trustees and staff, who he doesn’t consider an ally.

Now he’s deleting posts by Grant Crowell. The same guy who was a huge fan of Bill Sarto. Yep, Grant Crowell did lots of work to get this creep elected. Of course, after 4 long years of Mark Boettger, almost anyone could of been elected Village President.


Now after 4 long years of mismanagement and personal attacks by King Sarto and his cohorts, anyone will beat this ego-maniac in a one on one contest.

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