King Sarto is above the law!


Our beloved King of Carpentersville, William Sarto who complains about how trustee Paul Humpfer won’t accept the “GUILTY VERDICT” issued by a  Kane County Judge and the continued Court cases that have followed it.


Now, we have King Sarto trying to avoid his day in Court. This guy has come up with so many stories about what happened the night he got served by the process server, that it would spin your head right off your neck!,3_1_EL13_A1SARTO_S1.article,0,2371068.story

Will King Sarto plead the “fifth amendment” and remain silent? Or will he perjure himself?


Right now, he’s facing “Obstruction of Justice” charges. His Court date is Friday, Sept. 26.


My-O-my, how this creep makes us so proud to live in Carpentersville.


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