Follow the bouncing subpoena!

King Sarto has lied on so many occasions, he finds that telling the truth is too darn hard to do. He just might get his truths mixed up with his lies.

We all know that King Sarto is so fixated on Paul Humpfer, that he’ll do, say and make a pact with the Devil himself to try to make Paul Humpfer resign his position as trustee. He’s tried low-life tactics, which are more fitting for a proud member of the Gestapo, against his perceived enemies.



Now boys and girls, we’re going to tell you what happened in the continued saga of that missing subpoena, after King Sarto was served the subpoena by the process server, before the last Village Board Meeting, last Tuesday evening.


King Sarto gave differing stories about what happened before and after the last Village Board Meeting. Here’s Public Works Director Bob Cole’s version about that subpoena that disappeared that night, OR DID IT?!?!?


Bob Cole said that both he and Mr. Sarto were both walking to their vehicles after the Village Board Meeting, when as Mr. Sarto was getting inside his vehicle, Mr. Cole saw a paper attached to Sarto’s windshield. He told Mr. Sarto that he had something attached to his windshield. Mr. Sarto responded by saying to Bob Cole, that he didn’t care and asked Bob Cole to remove and throw the paper on the ground.

Of course Bob Cole wasn’t going to litter the parking lot, so he placed the subpoena in his own vehicle and drove home with the subpoena. The next day, Wednesday morning Bob Cole took the subpoena to Village Manager Craig Anderson’s office. Obviously, even Public Works Director Bob Cole knew that this was a legal document and did the right thing by giving it to his superior.

Otherwise, he might of been involved with some type of criminal conspiracy.


Now….that we asked Bob Cole what happened to that subpoena that night and the morning after, we’ll have to ask Village Manager Craig Anderson, what he did with that subpoena that Bob Cole gave him. Hmmmm, I’m sure that Village Manager Craig Anderson did the right thing and returned that “lost” subpoena to it’s lost and “rightful owner”, King Sarto himself.


Stay tuned as we will be asking Village Manager Craig Anderson the same questions we asked Bob Cole.


Just my thoughts,



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