History Story by jpr

This is how we looked in 1958.  When we needed to go places we got up and walked, when we needed to play we found things to do.  There was no bus to church or to the shopping center.  There were repaired bikes and walking.  Sort of a 1986 “Stand by Me” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0092005/ mentality.  We put in our own grass got trees from a golf course being rooted up and made our stepping stones into patterns  for sidewalks.  We know all of our neighbors and they knew us. 
 We all trusted each other.  I do not think our house or my friends houses were ever locked.
I lost my house key while at recess at Sunnyhill school ( http://sh.cusd220.lake.k12.il.us/ )and my mother never knew it for weeks when she wanted to borrow it.  Never did find the key.  I think it was lost on the hill.      

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