King Sarto aka Tax & Spend

King Sarto now wants to “tax and spend” us into prosperity, really no kidding. At his re-election blog he says that with his plan, we’ll pay no or little property taxes like, Rosemont and Schaumburg in the future. Sure and we’ll have our streets paved in gold and will have a new multi-million dollar Public Works building. On top of that, he proposes to detach Carpentersville from the Dundee Township Park District and form a new layer of bureaucracy in Carpentersville! According to King Sarto, he can not only do it cheaper, but better!

Now listen up boys and girls, it’s time to open our wallets, purses and piggy banks and hand over that hard-earned money and hand it over to King Sarto and his vision of the future. You see folks, Sarto says that it shouldn’t be considered a tax…nope, he calls it, “investing.” If we just follow his scheme, we all can look forward to no or little property taxes, like the families who live in Rosemont and Schaumburg.

Let’s see boys and girls, Carpentersville has the third highest tax rate in Kane County. Right now, we have to take out Bonds [which have to be repaid through property taxes] and King Sarto wants to build a shiny new building with all the bells and whistles [many millions of dollars] and he wants Carpentersville to split from Dundee Township Park District and form another layer of bueaucracy

Go to King Sarto’s re-election blog for his latest brainstorming spending idea. There you’ll see his political buddy and Algonguin resident, Dave “campaign sign stealer” Reece, gushing with praise over the investment that King Sarto wants to do for Carpentersville

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