King Sarto, defends thug on his blog!

Oh my, I really hate seeing grown men like Dave Reece crying. It seems to be contagious among his buddies like, Paul Calusinski, Bill Sarto and the Trash-Can site. But don’t be too alarm boys and girls, those are “Crocodile tears” you see.

Being a parent and grandparent, your Aunt Brenda has seen those tears before, as all parents have seen too. Yep, boys and girls who have gotten caught in a lie and make some absurd story or just shed some tears to get some sympathy.


First we’ll cover Dave Reece and his silly story that he told on Bill Sarto’s blog


Billy-boy now tries to defends his thug, by lying as usual. This guy is a compulsive liar, which runs rampant among Billy-boy’s allies. Dave Reece whines and cries about being harrassed, too funny. This creep who mentions the Van Cleaves and the Radkes by name on King Sarto’s blog, are the same families that Dave has stalked, harrassed and intimidated! There has been not once, not twice, but many numerous times where he has screamed at, pointed at, chased by foot and threatened Gloria Van Cleave. Mrs. Van Cleave has filed many complaints against Dave Reece. AND, this guy complains about Paul Humpfer….too funny! BUT, it’s not, if you’re  a grandmother and you get threatened by this Sarto thug!!!


Dave Reece is not only a campaign sign stealer, but he has vandalized campaign signs that he hasn’t stolen or ripped apart on the spot. Yes, boys and girls, he was able to get Frank Scarpelli [ally of King Sarto] to tell the Carpentersville police, that there was a misunderstanding about who can put what sign where. Two Old Town residents reported seeing Dave Reece pulling out and stealing signs right across from Carpenter Park. They even filed a police report stating they saw Dave Reece do it. Of course, probably with the help of our Village President Bill Sarto [who likes to hang out and go through police files on local residents] probably told some confused cop, that it was all a mistake too!


Carpentersville police also found many Humpfer, Sigwalt and Hinz campain signs in a dumpster at Dave Reece’s building on the corner of Williams and Lake Marion. This happened and are the FACTS, but the charges were dropped by the Kane County State Attorney’s Office. Probably Barsanti knowing that he was dealing with Democrats from the Kane County Democratic Party was trying to shield himself from political attacks and a probable DEMOCRAT from running against him. Makes you really, really wonder why no Democrats were willing to run against Barsanti this time? Considering that many Republicans went Democratic to ride on Obama’s shirt tails. Sort of like another ally of Bill Sarto and Dave Reece, the former Chairman of the Dundee Republican Party, John Noverini. This guy always wanted to be Judge, but wouldn’t of won the Republican primary, due to all the “QUALIFIED” people who wanted to be Judge. Nope, John Noverini ran unopposed in the Democratic primary, after jumping ship from the Republican Party.



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2 responses to “King Sarto, defends thug on his blog!

  1. carpentersville2

    This is way too funny.

    Here I thought Bill Sarto was turning over a new Leaf, When I read his blog.

    It looked like it was going to be civil and respectful, but it didn’t take long before he started allowing his friends and himself to degrade others.

    I think the Article in the Daily Herald on Sarto’s Blog was a little premature. Larissa should have taken a wait and see attitude.


  2. carpentersville2

    Monday, July 7, 2008
    Bill Sarto and David Reece
    Just in case Billy-bob removes this from his blog!

    I’ll send it now and that is that!

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a board!
    Humpty Dumpty had a hard fall!
    No one got up and put him back!
    That is working for us all!

    Peter Piper Says: July 7, 2008 at 8:57 am
    Dave Reece says:

    “Peter Piper,

    “I find it quite odd that you like to talk bold but you don’t have the courage to use your own name when you make comments. The fact that you use the name of a fairy tale character is revealing.”

    I find it odd that a person with a candy bit name is even saying anything about my use of an HISTORICAL figure!

    “Peter Piper is a Mother Goose nursery rhyme, well-known as a tongue twister:”

    “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked.If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers,Where’s the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked?”

    Based on a Mothe Goose Rhyme!

    “Yet no specific writer has ever been identified with such a name, of which the first known mention appears in an aside in a versified chronicle of weekly happenings that appeared regularly for several years, Jean Loret’s La Muse Historique, collected in 1650.[3] His remark, …comme un conte de la Mere Oye (”…like a Mother Goose story” shows that the term was already familiar.”

    So Mother Goose and Peter Piper don’t really exist and yet you are talking to them like the do? ODD!

    It seems that the name “Chrysippus” gives you no problems,was he real or just a name in Greek history?

    “Chrysippus of Soli (c.280–c.207 BC) (Χρύσιππος ὁ Σολεύς) was Cleanthes’ pupil and the eventual successor as the head of Stoic philosophy. Honoured as the second founder of Stoicism, he initiated the success of Stoicism as one of the most influential philosophical movements for centuries in the Greek and Roman world.”

    Of course I call he/she syphilis because of the disease he/she is spreading, some of the truth, but leaving important parts out. Just like the regular media.

    Yes, you must be useful in parades, being able to wave two opposing flags at the same time.

    And to my friend Grant, who posts some enlighting clips on youtube, some misslabeling, but I can live with that.

    Grant, shame on you, have you not paid attention, this is like a Village Meeting!

    You only have the right to say what Bill approves, whether this post get there or not will not be the end of my days. I will just go to playhouse or my own blog and say what I will. Or I can go live on youtube and post some really offensive remarks about Carpentersville and the Village Board, well, at least two of them.

    As Bill says so clearly, you have no 1st amemdment rights on a blog, he is King Sarto and that is the way it is. Sorry, Charlie, you are just a cute picture on a can of tuna!

    As Sarto’s web site mentions!

    “You do not have to be right to post a comment.”

    He and the Village Attorney have the same attitude for the 1st amendment rights of their citizens.

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