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Heil Sarto!

 Our Village President Bill Sarto uses the same terror tactics as Hitler did, back in 1933. Misinformation, intimidation and harrassment.


This goon, with the help of his political stooges and thugs, have used all sorts of tactics to scare away anyone who opposes him and his policies. Nothing will stop him from winning the next election, NOTHING! Even if it means he has to resort to personal attacks on his enemie’s friends and family members. This includes harrassment by phone, e-mails and handing out flyers in his enemie’s neighborhood. This DICTATOR has used the Carpentersville Police Department, Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office, his office as Village President and his political thugs to stalk, arrest, harrass, intimidate and had over 1500 paid professional Hispanic protesters to scare away anyone who dares question his authority.


Tomorrow we’ll show some of the many tactics, that Carpentersville’s Fuhr Sarto has used on his fellow trustees and residents, which includes his attempt to attack their family members and their employment with District 300.

Yes boys and girls this guy is truly scary and he’ll do anything, even if it means playing the dirtiest of tricks not seen, since the Third Reich! Now he has a blog www.carpentersville.wordpress.com

This is being used to show his nice side, just like Hitler did when he posed for pictures with children and his German Sherpard. Yep and he wants to let you know, that you must use your REAL name to post a comment on his blog or he’ll delete your comments, just like his sister blog at www.cvillecan.wordpress.com

This is just another propaganda tool that our Fuhr will use to control the masses and discontent among the undesirables of his Village.



Zieg Heil!!









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