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When I was young child, I saw a skinny malnourished cat, outside the back of my parent’s home. Being the animal lover that I am, I left a bowl of milk and some tuna outside for this poor animal. I did this in secret, since my Mother told me to never ever feed a cat!


Well, as the days went by, the cat got healthier. This cat also brought some of her fellow felines with her too. They looked so cute and I just couldn’t help, but to feed these poor creatures too. It wasn’t long before our neighbors complained about the sudden rise in the population of cats in our neighborhood. Our neighbor also had a litter of kittens in their window well, soon afterwards. When one of their children decided to touch one of the kittens the mother of the kittens attacked, scratched and bitten the child. Since this was a wild cat, the child had to endure 3 weeks of painful rabies shots.

My Father eventually found out that I was feeding the cats, which in those days resulted in a severe spanking! Mother told me, “I told you not to feed any cats!” “You feed one and the next thing you know, they’re bringing in their friends and having babies!”


I learned a valuable lesson boys and girls. Yep, give out free milk and food and the cats will come. Sort of like illegal aliens. Give them free medical, schooling, food stamps, public aid and a host of other goodies. Yep, just like those cats, they’ll bring their family, friends and start having babies.


Can someone tell Carpentersville trustee Linda Rameriz-Sliwinski and our Village nutcase Bill Sarto to stop feeding those illegal aliens. We’re being infested by illegals! 



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