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Boys and girls, our very own story teller Carpentersville trustee Linda Rameriz-Sliwinski told a very scary and upsetting story, OOoooOOOOooOOOOOOOOoo!


She told the audience at last Tuesday’s Village Council Meeting, about how some hoods, thugs or something like that pulled up around her car and surrounding her with their vehicles!!!! One guy, she told us in a trembling voice, started to yell and was becoming abusive and that the other hoods or thugs, held him back!!! One of the hoods or thugs or something like that, yelled at her and said it was ok to act that way, because he saw it on t.v. or something like that.


Well boys and girls, she was able to turn this story into an attack on the other 5 trustees and the way they voted. I guess, it’s because Carpentersville is now the “Wife-Beating Capitol of the Nation,” according to her, B.S. Sarto, and that rich guy from Barrington [Tom Roeser] and let’s not forget Kane County Board member Hollie Kissane. Yep, because the way the “GANG OF FIVE!” votes, hoods, thugs and other undesirables are running around and threatening people like poor Linda.


Here we have a woman, who always tells stories, or shall we call them LIES! She points her crooked and foul finger at others and yells, racism and bigotry at others. Yet, she yells at her neighbor’s kids and calls them MONKEES! Then goes and runs to a Black pastor to cleanse her soul, with-out admitting guilt. How nice is that boys and girls?


She even helped pushed to get pastors to give a small sermon at Village Hall Meetings to make sure that her fellow trustees will get along and play nice with each other. REALLY!?!? She went ahead and told a bald-face LIE, ooops…ummm, I mean a story, and then attacked her fellow trustees.


I guess she’ll go back to that pastor to cleanse her soul of her sins, again with-out admitting guilt. I wonder how much money she and her allies have contributed to that pastor, to relieve those guilty feelings of hers? Hmmmm

  One more thing boys and girls, talking about hypocricy, Kane County Board member Hollie Kissane, who recently wrote a letter to the Editor. Attacked Carpentersville trustee Kay Teeter for making IT ok to beat your wives in Carpentersville. It’s all about politics boys and girls and throwing mud around! You see, Kay Teeter is running against Hollie Kissane for her seat in November.


Did you know that Hollie Kissane is going through a divorce and according to my sources, she is now living in McHenry County, with her boyfriend. Perhaps King Sarto can tell Hollie to resign for the good of the community that she no longer lives in.


Just my thoughts, Brenda


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