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Chrysippus and Sarto, says it’s not fair!!!!

I believe both Chrysippus and William Sarto need to take more naps. Obviously both of these babies were spoiled by their parents since birth.

Did you know both were born conjoined at birth [above picture], but still share the same traits? That’s the reason why both Chrysippus and King Sarto both have a uncanny way of writing exactly the same way and duplicate the exact things that make them whine. Yes, they constantly cry like colic babies and to them, nothing is fair, boo-hoo! 

Both of them, with the TRASH-CAN site aka cvillecan aka “Love letters to Bill” are constantly crying about the coverage that they receive in the newspapers. Yes, everyone is picking on them and it’s not fair!!!


Ever since Chrysippus and William Sarto have been surgically seperated soon after birth, they haven’t stopped crying and whining.


Go to www.cvillecan.wordpress.com and cry with them, it’s a real tear jerker. WARNING-WARNING-WARNING!!! Please, stay away from your keyboard or cover it with a tarp, as your tears might flood your keyboard and may cause a severe shock to you!


Boo-hoo, sniffle, where’s my tissue? Well I gotta go, my eyes are welling up with tears and I can barely see the computer screen.


Just my, choke, boo-hoo, thoughts, waaaaah,




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