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Heil Sarto!

 Our Village President Bill Sarto uses the same terror tactics as Hitler did, back in 1933. Misinformation, intimidation and harrassment.


This goon, with the help of his political stooges and thugs, have used all sorts of tactics to scare away anyone who opposes him and his policies. Nothing will stop him from winning the next election, NOTHING! Even if it means he has to resort to personal attacks on his enemie’s friends and family members. This includes harrassment by phone, e-mails and handing out flyers in his enemie’s neighborhood. This DICTATOR has used the Carpentersville Police Department, Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office, his office as Village President and his political thugs to stalk, arrest, harrass, intimidate and had over 1500 paid professional Hispanic protesters to scare away anyone who dares question his authority.


Tomorrow we’ll show some of the many tactics, that Carpentersville’s Fuhr Sarto has used on his fellow trustees and residents, which includes his attempt to attack their family members and their employment with District 300.

Yes boys and girls this guy is truly scary and he’ll do anything, even if it means playing the dirtiest of tricks not seen, since the Third Reich! Now he has a blog

This is being used to show his nice side, just like Hitler did when he posed for pictures with children and his German Sherpard. Yep and he wants to let you know, that you must use your REAL name to post a comment on his blog or he’ll delete your comments, just like his sister blog at

This is just another propaganda tool that our Fuhr will use to control the masses and discontent among the undesirables of his Village.



Zieg Heil!!









Just my thoughts,



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When I was young child, I saw a skinny malnourished cat, outside the back of my parent’s home. Being the animal lover that I am, I left a bowl of milk and some tuna outside for this poor animal. I did this in secret, since my Mother told me to never ever feed a cat!


Well, as the days went by, the cat got healthier. This cat also brought some of her fellow felines with her too. They looked so cute and I just couldn’t help, but to feed these poor creatures too. It wasn’t long before our neighbors complained about the sudden rise in the population of cats in our neighborhood. Our neighbor also had a litter of kittens in their window well, soon afterwards. When one of their children decided to touch one of the kittens the mother of the kittens attacked, scratched and bitten the child. Since this was a wild cat, the child had to endure 3 weeks of painful rabies shots.

My Father eventually found out that I was feeding the cats, which in those days resulted in a severe spanking! Mother told me, “I told you not to feed any cats!” “You feed one and the next thing you know, they’re bringing in their friends and having babies!”


I learned a valuable lesson boys and girls. Yep, give out free milk and food and the cats will come. Sort of like illegal aliens. Give them free medical, schooling, food stamps, public aid and a host of other goodies. Yep, just like those cats, they’ll bring their family, friends and start having babies.


Can someone tell Carpentersville trustee Linda Rameriz-Sliwinski and our Village nutcase Bill Sarto to stop feeding those illegal aliens. We’re being infested by illegals! 



Just my thoughts,



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Boys and girls, our very own story teller Carpentersville trustee Linda Rameriz-Sliwinski told a very scary and upsetting story, OOoooOOOOooOOOOOOOOoo!


She told the audience at last Tuesday’s Village Council Meeting, about how some hoods, thugs or something like that pulled up around her car and surrounding her with their vehicles!!!! One guy, she told us in a trembling voice, started to yell and was becoming abusive and that the other hoods or thugs, held him back!!! One of the hoods or thugs or something like that, yelled at her and said it was ok to act that way, because he saw it on t.v. or something like that.


Well boys and girls, she was able to turn this story into an attack on the other 5 trustees and the way they voted. I guess, it’s because Carpentersville is now the “Wife-Beating Capitol of the Nation,” according to her, B.S. Sarto, and that rich guy from Barrington [Tom Roeser] and let’s not forget Kane County Board member Hollie Kissane. Yep, because the way the “GANG OF FIVE!” votes, hoods, thugs and other undesirables are running around and threatening people like poor Linda.


Here we have a woman, who always tells stories, or shall we call them LIES! She points her crooked and foul finger at others and yells, racism and bigotry at others. Yet, she yells at her neighbor’s kids and calls them MONKEES! Then goes and runs to a Black pastor to cleanse her soul, with-out admitting guilt. How nice is that boys and girls?


She even helped pushed to get pastors to give a small sermon at Village Hall Meetings to make sure that her fellow trustees will get along and play nice with each other. REALLY!?!? She went ahead and told a bald-face LIE, ooops…ummm, I mean a story, and then attacked her fellow trustees.


I guess she’ll go back to that pastor to cleanse her soul of her sins, again with-out admitting guilt. I wonder how much money she and her allies have contributed to that pastor, to relieve those guilty feelings of hers? Hmmmm

  One more thing boys and girls, talking about hypocricy, Kane County Board member Hollie Kissane, who recently wrote a letter to the Editor. Attacked Carpentersville trustee Kay Teeter for making IT ok to beat your wives in Carpentersville. It’s all about politics boys and girls and throwing mud around! You see, Kay Teeter is running against Hollie Kissane for her seat in November.


Did you know that Hollie Kissane is going through a divorce and according to my sources, she is now living in McHenry County, with her boyfriend. Perhaps King Sarto can tell Hollie to resign for the good of the community that she no longer lives in.


Just my thoughts, Brenda

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Chrysippus and Sarto, says it’s not fair!!!!

I believe both Chrysippus and William Sarto need to take more naps. Obviously both of these babies were spoiled by their parents since birth.

Did you know both were born conjoined at birth [above picture], but still share the same traits? That’s the reason why both Chrysippus and King Sarto both have a uncanny way of writing exactly the same way and duplicate the exact things that make them whine. Yes, they constantly cry like colic babies and to them, nothing is fair, boo-hoo! 

Both of them, with the TRASH-CAN site aka cvillecan aka “Love letters to Bill” are constantly crying about the coverage that they receive in the newspapers. Yes, everyone is picking on them and it’s not fair!!!


Ever since Chrysippus and William Sarto have been surgically seperated soon after birth, they haven’t stopped crying and whining.


Go to and cry with them, it’s a real tear jerker. WARNING-WARNING-WARNING!!! Please, stay away from your keyboard or cover it with a tarp, as your tears might flood your keyboard and may cause a severe shock to you!


Boo-hoo, sniffle, where’s my tissue? Well I gotta go, my eyes are welling up with tears and I can barely see the computer screen.


Just my, choke, boo-hoo, thoughts, waaaaah,




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