King Sarto’s Madness!

Does King Sarto have the same infliction that England’s King George had?

Is there reasons behind his madness? Is it alcohol related, drugs, dementia, or some other illness. Does he actually think he’s right and everyone else is wrong?

King Sarto has gone and thrown mud and insults to all the trustees [except Linda Remariz-Sliwinski], newspapers and anyone who dares questions his authority. He has developed a sense of superiority not seen, since Adolf Hitler’s days of the Third Reich.

Hopefully, he won’t destroy Carpentersville, as Hitler did to Germany to get rid of him. This guy is on a mission to destroy everyone who dare opposes his will. It seems to many of us, that he’ll not only destroy himself, but the Village along with him.

Just my thoughts,



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6 responses to “King Sarto’s Madness!

  1. jhalf

    After seeing the “journalism” on this blog, it seems the “vendettas” are not limited to Sarto!

  2. carpentersville2

    Please JHalf, can you be a little more specific?

    Just my thoughts,

  3. jhalf

    Yes. Read your own blog!

  4. carpentersville2

    Do you mean trustee Linda Remariz-Sliwinski aka Monkee slayer?

    She doing a great job, at least I think so, in eliminating Monkees from our trees in Carpentersville. I haven’t seen one single report of a Monkey on any trees on the eastside, since Linda Remariz-Sliwinski chased them away from her neighbor’s yard.

    Kill a Monkee, save a tree!

    Just my thoughts,

  5. jhalf

    I just imagine people hanging out at someone’s house BBQ-ing and throwing back some beer, someone coming up with some new nickname or photoshop idea, and BAM, another award-winning article for the Playhouse blog!

  6. carpentersville2

    There you go JHalf, now that’s what I call an “award winning” post.

    Hey, if you want, I’d love to have you come over for some barbecue and beer. I think you can help us with some ideas, JHalf!

    Just my thoughts,

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