Sarto’s Rant-O-Meter!

Clyde, who is pictured with his invention, the Rant-O-Meter, invented this gadget for public safety. As many of us, who have endured countless hours of ranting and ravings from our deranged President Bill Sarto. We have been experiencing dizziness, headaches and a severe pain in our….err, umm, well in the lower part of our body.

A renowned Doctor, who declines to give his name said, “Most human beings can only tolerate no more than ten minutes of extreme rantings from obviously mentally ill people.” He also says, “That the longer you listen to these rantings, the more likely you can suffer sever headaches, dizziness and nausea.” The Doctor concludes with this, “Either scream or leave the area immediately or you risk severe injury to your neuron connections and/or gastric-intestinal system.”

Please be advised, to keep an eye on the Rant-O-Meter and if, it goes past ten minutes, please evacuate the room immediately!!!

Thank God, we have the Rant-O-Meter for the good of Public Health!

Just my thoughts,




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6 responses to “Sarto’s Rant-O-Meter!

  1. jhalf

    Fighting immaturity with immaturity. And we wonder why this town gets nowhere.

  2. carpentersville2

    As always JHalf, you’re comments are always welcomed.

    But, listening to our Village President, especially on April 1st, when he pointed his finger in a fit of anger and said,”Over there sits a CONVICT and next to him, a trustee who’s son had SEX with the CONVICT’S wife!” Well, I have to say, that’s a bit overboard, don’t you think so?

    How about his constant interuptions of residents, during “public comment”, when he disagrees with them?

    OR, when he interupts his fellow trustees, when they are speaking?

    Mr. Sarto, if anything, is adding to the divisiveness of this Village Board. He has alienated of all people, trustee Ed Ritter, a man who stayed away from the “Ordinance” as proposed by trustees Humpfer and Sigwalt. It’s apparent that not only the Trash-Can blog, Mr. Sarto and now Nate Spain have joined in attacking trustee Ed Ritter. These individuals have called into question Mr. Ritter’s integrity and employment with District 300, quite shameful, if you ask me!

    Did you know that not only trustee Ed Ritter is a Elementary school teacher, but a single parent who has struggled raising his children on his own.

    Mr. Sarto, Mrs. Remariz-Sliwinski and their band of thugs, have done everything to ruin people’s character in their quest to get re-elected in 2009.

    Just like the last election in 2007, the people will vote and decide who in fact represent the future of Carpentersville.

    Just my thoughts,

  3. Frank, in fairness, you should give an honest assessment of what Sigwalt, Humpher, and the others have done to exacerbate the situation. I remembered when you were at the old Kava Kava location in West Dundee with me and Cal Penn and several others, and you had a huge animosity for Judy Sigwalt then. I don’t see any changes in her behavior since, so I would think you would have a lot to be critical of. I hope this isn’t just a matter of kicking whomever’s on top. Judy Sigwalt as your Village President would be even far more restrictive on free speech during audience comments. (I think you would know that all too well, especially since we were both thrown out by her of a village board meeting during audience comments when she was the sitting president when Boettger was out, for no other reason that she didn’t like any criticism of her performance, or lack thereof.)

    Oh yeah, you can bet “PussyChris” (D. Dobson) will troll other blogs looking for things to get indignant about. Maybe he’ll make up another fake poll that Sarto will masturbate to at the next board meeting, while his spouse does more silly walkouts.

  4. jhalf

    Fine, Brenda. Which is why I said “fighting immaturity with immaturity.”

    from the above post it seems Sarto isn’t the only one who has found it hard to deal with criticism at board meetings.

  5. carpentersville2

    Hey Grant,

    I’m sorry, but you must have me confused with someone else. I never said I would support trustee Judy Sigwalt for Village President.

    Yes, you and I, go way back in time of the bungled years of Mark Boettger. Yes, Judy did have a heavy-handed way of running Village Board meetings, when she was filling in for Village President Mark Boettger. She did though, get the most votes, during the last election and I feel she is doing a good job as trustee.

    It’s apparent that, anyone who runs against Mr. Sarto in 2009 will beat him. Just like when Mark Boettger, decided to run as trustee, instead of Village President in 2005. He was only able to get about 400 votes, just goes to show you, that the voters in Carpentersville ain’t stupid.

    I will back a candidate who will preside over this Village with fairness, not only to his/her fellow trustees, but to those who speak at “public comment.” The candidate that I’ll be backing will STOP the contentious behavior that we see too often at Village Hall and in the press.

    I believe, that when you say that Humpfer [not Humpher], Sigwalt and the others [?], you mean the Ordinance, I think. Remember, this is the subject that did get trustees Humpfer, Sigwalt and Hinz elected. Those pesky Caucasions on the eastside, especially the Old Town families, turned out strongly for them. This is because they see the eastside turning into a Hispanic Ghetto. You might want to call that a bigoted comment, but it’s true, we are losing our diversity on the eastside, plain and simple.

    Go to our link on the right side of the page and click on the school link, you’ll see that the schools are flooded with Hispanics. Just ask any parent, including myself, if we think our children are getting the best education. You’ll get a resounding NO!. Why, you ask? Too many children in classes that come from families who’s native tongue is not English. Teachers are spending inordinate time of helping children to understand the subject at hand, because English does not come as naturally, as it does to children who come from homes, that English is the mother tongue.

    It was our Hispanic leader trustee Linda Remariz-Sliwinski who said that the Hispanics in Carpentersville don’t care about politics in Carpentersville. They would rather spend time watching Spanish Soap Operas and playing soccer. If I or others, would of said that, we would of been slammed as a racist.

    The problem with the Hispanics is, they don’t need to learn English, they live and work in Ghetto enviroments.

    Well Grant, I’m finish with my rant, hopefully the Rant-O-Meter didn’t start sounding off alarms.

    Carpentersville Playhouse will give all sides a chance to speak their views, regardless of what the administrators of this blog believe in. Grant, if you wish, we’ll give you your own column to voice your own opinions with-out editing and/or deletions.

    Please forward your views about Carpentersville to and we’ll publish it.

    Just my thoughts,

  6. Hey Frank,

    Thanks for providing a thoughtful response. I might suggest that you and others who feel the way you do to offer a real dialogue with the Hispanics in Carpentersville you have issues with and air your grievances, just as I’m sure they have their own. Nothing’s going to change unless both sides are willing to do that for starters. If you can pull that off, I’ll over to video record it and post it online.

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