Enough is Enough!….. Finally…………

As the the title implies, We’ve had enough of this insane outrageous behavior presented by our Village Board President. This is an excellent article that tells it like it is. The reporter EMILY McFARLAN asked the right questions and got the right answers.


” Any resident also could request quo warranto proceedings, often used to determine whether an official is validly elected or wrongfully exercising powers beyond his or her authority, to determine whether Sarto had the right to declare Humpfer’s seat vacant.”

Finally, a Resident is stepping forward in taking Sarto to task for wrongfully exercising powers beyond his authority.

We have received this communication for public viewing:


April 30, 2008
Mr. John Barsanti
Kane County State Attorney
37W777 Rt.38 Suite 300
St. Charles IL. 60175
Mr. Barsanti,
As a resident of the Village of Carpentersville IL. 60110, I Frank F. Stoneham 314 Sedgewick St. Carpentersville IL. 60110, hereby request that you immediately begin “quo warranto” proceedings against Carpentersville Village President William Sarto, for the following reasons.
Mr. Sarto has repeatedly and wrongfully exercised powers beyond his authority. Some of the many are as follows:
1. Declared trustee Paul Humpfer’s seat vacant without approval of the Carpentersville Board of Trustees.
2. Spent in excess of $20,000 in Carpentersville taxpayer’s money on opinions, letters and etc., with the Carpentersville Village AttorneyJames Rhodes. Again without the consent or approval of Carpentersville Board of Trustees.
3. Ordered the Carpentersville Police Department to arrest trustee trustee Paul Humpfer, if he attempted to take his seat as trustee and stated that, “If they defy my order, I will take legal action against the Village for obstructing justice.”
There are many more instances over the past 3 years, but I feel these are enough to warrant “quo warranto” proceedings.
I further request that you take immediate action on this matter to injoin or restrain Village President William Sarto immediately, since he has stated that he intends on again declaring trustee Paul Humpfer’s seat vacant. Village President William Sarto, again threatens to have trustee Paul Humpfer arrested.
It is his [William Sarto] intention to fill the vacancy at the next Carpentersville Village Board meeting, on Tuesday, May 6, 2008.
Frank F. Stoneham

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