Yes, more monkey business!

Paul Calusinski who helps run a local vigilante group called SNAKE, who pointed out that trustee Paul Humpfer was driving his father’s orange truck, during “public comment”.

This creep has also made the sole black woman in the audience feel very uncomfortable. Mr. Calusinski who opened up his speech by saying hello to the Village President, trustees and then turned around and looked up to the upper third row, where an African-American was sitting by herself and said, ” and to you Aunt Martha.” [Some of us thought he alluded to a caricature of another Aunt of black persuasion.] All of us, looked up to the black woman, who was quite startled and upset by this comment directed at her.

Directly after making this outrageous comment, he went on and told everyone, that everyone acted like MONKEYS during the last Village Board Meeting. Hmmmm

Trustee Ed Ritter said during his trustee report who was visibly annoyed by Paul Calusinski’s comments, “Mr. Calusinski after this meeting I want you to explain what you meant by saying Aunt Martha, since everyone seemed to have looks on their faces at being quite upset.” Mr. Calusinski tried to say something, but trustee Ritter said to be quiet or he’ll have him thrown out! Again he said to Mr. Calusinski to talk to him after the meeting.

Paul Calusinski ended up leaving the meeting early. I guess he had no guts to explain to trustee Ritter about his out of line comments that he made to the sole black woman in the audience. Outside reports said that a couple of people called Paul Calusinski an asshole for making those disparaging remarks. Paul Calusinski then drove off and called everyone a F$@KING ASSHOLE!!!

I will though give Paul Calusinski a chance to rebutt this story of events of the last Village Council Meeting. I will do this with-out deletions and/or editing, unlike the CAN website that is little more than a re-election website for Sarto and his gang of thugs.


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