King Sarto the stalker!

My, my, my, Mr. Sarto is acting more like a desperate Dictator who will do anything to cling to power. He has hired a private detective who’s associated with trustee Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski’s husband John. The Daily Herald who reported this story has it wrong. John Sliwinski is NOT a police officer, he is just a safety officer for the Park Ridge municipality. I don’t even think he’s capable of writing parking tickets. Well anyway, Mr. Sarto who’s acting more like a tin-pot Dictator by the day is spying on trustee Paul Humfer.

B. S. Sarto has shown that he will do anything and say anything to try to remove trustee Paul Humpfer, so he can appoint one of his flunkie friends to replace trustee Paul Humpfer’s seat.

King Sarto has used his office as Village President not only to have the Carpentersville police department, but the Kane County State’s Attorney’s office to intimidate and harrass a trustee and local residents. Now he’s using a private detective to spy on others.

We should of realised something was up at the last Village Board Meeting, when one of his thugs Paul Calusinski said that he knows that trustee Paul Humpfer was driving his father’s orange pick up truck. This was brought up during the “public comment” portion of the meeting. I guess this was to prove that trustee Paul Humpfer is living with his parents in Indiana.

Our Village Board needs to censure our Village President, this guy has gone off the deep end. William Sarto is a very disturbed individual, who needs professional help. The hypocricy of Sarto and his thugs is something that goes beyond common decency. Both Mr. Sarto and Mr. Calusinski have both been involved with domestic abuse calls to their own houses. Police reports have been written, including the “multiple tasing” of Paul Calusinski, to restrain him. Yes sirrie, we have foxes running the chicken coops.


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