Ramirez-Sliwinski back-pedaling!

First she says, she’s not fighting the citation and she’s resigning her position as delegate for Obama. Now, she says she’s fighting the citation and will NOT resign her position as delegate.


Carpentersville trustee Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski, who has pointed her crooked finger at others for being racists and bigoted for standing against the invasion of illegal aliens in our community, has now said that there was some sort of misunderstanding with her neighbor. Yes Linda, there was a misunderstanding between your neighbors and yourself. Your neighbors don’t like your nose in their business or in their family affairs. You’ve had numerous encounters or shall we say open hostilities with your neighbors. So, you took it upon yourself to reprimand your openly hostile neighbor’s children. Not smart!

Someone like you who says she has suffered discimination and doesn’t want to give our police officers 287[g] training, because it would be like giving guns to children and it would lead to “racial profiling”, is well kind of hypocritical. Calling your neighbor’s children monkeys, especially when your neighbors dislike you is incredible!

Either you are at best a hypocrite or at worst a racist.


Just my thoughts,





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3 responses to “Ramirez-Sliwinski back-pedaling!

  1. carpentersville2


    Check this out, Sliwinski is getting a mediator to help her get along with her neighbor.

    This proves alot she doesn’t have the ability to get along with others as displayed here and on the Village Board. Maybe she should take some human communication classes as well.


  2. carpentersville2

    I didn’t see this until today. Why did Sliwinski’s shoo away Lenore Adkins?


    By Lenore Adkins | Daily Herald

    “I was assigned to cover the story on Sunday, but when I drove up to her house to talk to her, she and her husband shooed me away.

    So I began talking to the offended neighbors outside and I was over there for quite some time. I noticed Ramirez-Sliwinski was watching.”

  3. carpentersville2

    Now the rainbow push coalition says it’s all fixed now we can go on with our Obama campaign.


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