Trustee spouts off Racist remarks at Children?

Racially tinged comment may be end of Carpentersville trustee’s career.

By Lenore T. Adkins | Daily Herald Staff

By her own admission, the comment Carpentersville Trustee Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski made over the weekend to her African-American neighbors’ children spells the beginning of the end of her political career.

On Saturday, police issued the first-term trustee a $75 citation for disorderly conduct after Ramirez-Sliwinski compared her Sparrow Road neighbors’ tree-climbing children to monkeys, Sliwinski said Sunday afternoon.

The neighbors say it was a racist comment, but Ramirez-Sliwinski maintains that her comment was misinterpreted.

“Technically, I don’t consider it a mistake because that’s not what I meant,” she said. “They’re children. They’re climbing in a tree. What would you think?”

Ramirez-Sliwinski, a Hispanic who has been a strong advocate for the village’s illegal immigrant population, says she has no plans to challenge the citation. She’s already decided this will be her last term, believing this incident won’t do her any good in the court of public opinion. Her term expires in April 2009.

“After this incident, I probably will not run again,” she said through tears. “In the eyes of the public, this is wrong.”

Police had no comment Sunday. They are expected to release a report on the incident today.

Village President Bill Sarto could not be reached Sunday.


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One response to “Trustee spouts off Racist remarks at Children?

  1. carpentersville2

    Trustee Linda Ramirez Sliwinski is a liberal, left-wing Democrat who likes to call everyone who opposes illegal aliens as racists and bigots. Being a liberal left-wing Democrat, she knows that name-calling minorities “pet names” that people of the Aryan Brotherhood would use is WRONG. Oh…wait a minute, she belongs to the racists group called La Raza.

    Forget what I said, silly me.

    Just my thoughts,

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