Sarto claims media is biased

Here’s an e-mail sent out by Bill Sarto

Today in the Daily Herald, Chris Bailey shows once again that she is biased and out of touch with the truth and reality in Carpentersville.

In a lame attempt to cover for some very bad behavior by Trustees Paul Humpfer and Judith Sigwalt, Bailey distorts the facts and ignores the truth and points the finger of blame at the wrong parties. But, this has been not uncommon reactions from both her and her husband, Mike Bailey, of the Courier-News. They both live in a very partisan world of their own. What is unfair is that this couple has so much power. They both run their respective newspapers. It’s unheard of for one married couple to have that kind of influence in one media market. This gives them the ability to influence public opinion for good or for evil. That’s real power folks!

What do they do with so much power? Well, unfortunately, as with so many of those who do wield so much power, they abuse it. Here is a perfect case in point: In Chris Bailey’s Sunday column she admits that she sat down in the same room with Paul Humpfer, who she claims told her that he would never beat his wife again. Which on the face of it is an admission of guilt by Humpfer that he has indeed beat his wife. Isn’t that interesting? Does Bailey know anything about spousal abuse? It really caused me to think she is either incredibly stupid, or she believes that the readers of her newspaper are that stupid to not see the truth in her words. So when did Bailey have this little chat with the now convicted wife beater, Paul Humpfer? Was it after his wife beating had been found out and publicly disclosed last February, before the Daily Herald decided to endorse him for election to the Village board of Carpentersville?  Why would she take anything that a wife beater would say to be true? Every wife beater, claims they will never do it again. But you know what, they always do it again! So if this did happen before the endorsement of Paul Humpfer that begs the question, Why would the Daily Herald have endorsed him? If it happened after the endorsement why would they not have brought up that information before the election. Here is the million dollar question, Why has the Daily Herald not yet called for Humpfer’s removal from office? He is now (since March 5, 2008) a convicted wife beater and still there has been no call for his removal from public office from the Daily Herald. Now that goes beyond just bad journalism to the point of possible conspiracy to public corruption.

The people of this area deserve better than what we receive from our two local newspapers. It was Chris Bailey not too many weeks ago using her position to try and influence a traffic ticket for one of her and her husband’s friends, Don Rage, a former Kane County Board Member, who is tied to Humpfer and Sigwalt on the Carpentersville Village board. Chris Bailey admitted that she did a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA)request to find out the status of her friend, Don Rage’s traffic ticket that he was issued in East Dundee for making an illegal right turn on red at a very dangerous intersection. She even tries to fix traffic tickets for her friends through the abuse of her position on the newspaper. That goes beyond belief.

The Bailey’s have repeatedly distorted my record. In Sunday’s newspaper Chris Bailey again tries to make her readers believe that I have supported illegal immigration and tried to stop citizens from talking about illegal immigration in Carpentersville. Well, she couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, people have come to Carpentersville from far and wide to speak about illegal immigration since September of 2006. Why have they made the trip? The answer is very simple, because they have been allowed to speak openly about this controversial subject that other communities have not allowed such free discussion. Once again, for the record, I do not and have never supported the unlawful entry of anyone into our country. I do understand the laws on immigration matters to the extent that I know that we as a local government can do nothing substantial to stop illegal immigration. We do not have the law on our side and we do not have the expertise or the resources to enforce such laws. That is the truth and both of the Bailey’s know that is true. So why do they do all they can to undermine me as the Village President of Carpentersville? Here is the answer: They did not support me when I ran for this position and they have never supported me since I won in 2005. They are doing their best to make it impossible for me to win in 2009. It has nothing to do with illegal immigration it has everything to do with their support of the “good old boy network” that they cover for and hide the truth from the public. Both of our local newspapers are part of the problem. As long as these two megalomaniacs, Mike and his wife Chris Bailey run our newspapers, we can expect to not find the truth on the pages of the Daily Herald or the Courier-News.

It’s time to send both the Bailey’s packing. They have lied to their readers long enough. They have abused their power long enough. They have covered for their friends corruption long enough. Enough is Enough! Both of the Bailey’s need to go. Those who would condone a wife beater as the Bailey’s have done are not fit to hold any position of power in our community. Send letters to the owners of the newspapers demanding that they be replaced. Above all do not believe what they write. Or what is written in their newspapers. Cancel your subscription to the newspapers and above all pass this on to everyone you know. We can make a difference. Vote with your voice and hit them where it hurts the most, financially. It’s time to stop the LIES and the COVER UPS!!!


Bill Sarto


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  1. carpentersville2

    This needed to be shared with our Community as it show once again if you don’t agree with Sarto, you’re the problem.

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