Finger pointer should look into a mirror

Carpentersville trustee Linda Ramirez Sliwinski, who says she’s the Latino leader and has a very bad habit of calling anyone who opposes illegal immigration, as RACISTS and BIGOTS, has shown her true colors.


Chris Bailey of the Daily Herald has reported in her Sunday’s column that Ramirez-Sliwinski belongs to a RACISTS group that calls themselves “La Raza” which translates in English as “The Race.” Hmmmm, sounds like the Hispanic version of the ARYAN BROTHERHOOD. AND, just like the Aryan Brotherhood, it seems that Carpentersville trustee Linda Ramirez Sliwinski has a low tolerance to African Americans.


Ramirez-Sliwinski who has had numerous run-ins with her neighbors, was heard to say to the children, “making the neighborhood look bad and they’re a bunch of monkeys.” All this, because she saw her neighbor’s children, climbing their own tree? Didn’t all of us as children climb trees? Besides that, there has been a history of bad blood between Ramirez-Sliwinski and some of her neighbors, so now she has some kind of God given right to yell at her neighbor’s children for climbing their own tree?


Of course our Latino Leader, said she was trying to protect the trees in Carpentersville, since she belongs to the Park committe. Really Linda what kind of excuse is that? Where was your outrage when the newly planted Crandberry trees were uprooted from Carpenter Park and thrown into the Porto-Johns? Oh….that’s right….you probably think that the deer yanked them out of the ground and placed in the Porto-John as reported by your buddy Dave Reece.

Yes, and you also mentioned that how can you be a racist, when you have a Obama sign in your front yard. We also understand that you’re proud to be a Illinois delegate for Obama. Hmmm, I wonder if Senator Obama would really want you as a delegate now?

I believe this hate crime should be labeled as an “INFAMOUS CRIME”, which means that this should disqualify you as a trustee.

Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski resign for the good of Carpentersville. Why embarrass yourself and our community, after all you like to point your finger at others for their supposed sins. Don’t continue being a HYPOCRITE, RESIGN. This way Linda, you can concentrate ALL of you energies with LA RAZA!!!!


Just my thoughts,



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One response to “Finger pointer should look into a mirror

  1. carpentersville2

    If linda was having difficulties with her neighbors it would of been best just to ignore them instead of confronting them.

    As for saving the trees comment, maybe she was a little defensive. We all climbed trees when we were younger and some us still do as a Tree trimmers.

    It sounded like Linda lost it, patience that is.

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