Dictator Sarto?

Local resident Gloria Van Cleave asks for Village President Bill Sarto to seek psychological evaluation, during the June 5, 2007 Carpentersville Village Board Meeting.

King Sarto’s mental illness has been progressing for quite some time now.

Here’s the highlights of Gloria Van Cleave’s speech, during “public comment.”

Presidential Bill Sarto, you need to learn to listen, it’s a skill. Haven’t you learn it’s wrong to interrupt, it’s a skill. I taught my children to never interrupt, while someone is talking. I think you need help, you always appear nervous and agitated.  Your dictator approach to politics. You need to seek professional help.

Someone [Fernando Leyva] asked the board to do a criminal background check on all the trustees, every 6 months. Well, I think we should do a psychological evaluation on the trustees.

So, what can the Village Board do to help out our Village President Bill Sarto and his apparent mental illness? Can they force a man who’s mental facilities are getting in the way of getting official Carpentersville business done? Didn’t the Generals of the Third Reich who knew that Adolf Hitler was losing touch with reality as the war progressed, did little or nothing to stop this madman. Of course, this resulted in the total destruction of the German economy and the Fatherland. Is history repeating itself, granted it’s on a smaller scale?

His repeated lies, his sense of superiority, his dictator ways, his innuendos and his senseless ramblings and rants, that not only embarrasses the Village of Carpentersville, but himself. This sad clown is playing politics and the future of Carpentersville for what? Obviously this warped individual is going to take the whole Village down with him, just like Adolf Hitler. He knows that he won’t win re-election in 2009, so he’s doing a “SCORCTHED EARTH POLICY”, taking everyone down with him.

  Village President Bill Sarto, should do the right thing and either seek professional help for his rapidly progressing mental illness or RESIGN.

Just my thoughts,



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