King Sarto has lost his marbles!

What a sad and tragic evening that B. S. Sarto had last night. He and trustee Linda R. Sliwinski have become truly the joke of elected officials in Illinois. After last night’s Carpentersville’s Village Board Meeting, you need to ask yourself are they fit for office? B. S. Sarto in my opinion needs to seek professional help for the bizzare behavior that we all witnessed.

King Sarto as usual let his vigilante friend, Paul Calusinski speak his mind  about trustee Paul Humpfer, yet constantly interrupted and debated with any resident, who dared to try to defend Paul Humpfer. Of course Tom Roeser of Otto Engineering who wants to be a major player in politics in Carpentersville and also a big financial backer of B. S. Sarto gave his usual drivel. Yet, when Jay Radke got up and tried to speak during “public comment” he was rudely interrupted by King Sarto who sarcastically pointed out that Jay Radke was not even a resident of Carpentersville. Mr. Radke [Lake Marion] did say that he lives with-in 100 feet of Carpentersville, but that Tom Roeser lives in far off Barrington and is too good to live in Carpentersville. King Sarto would have none of that from Jay Radke and continued to interrupt and belittle him. This is just a small portion of King Sarto’s rude and very unprofessional behavior to the people who dared to come up to the podium and speak their minds.

King Sarto also pointed his finger at trustees Paul Humpfer and Judy Sigwalt and yells that there sits a CONVICT and a trustee who’s son had SEX with a wife of a trustee. This actually happened and all I can say is WOW!!!! But, it gets better, yep, King Sarto, then turned his anger at trustee Ed Ritter and said that he should not be backing a wife-beater, since he’s a Elementary School teacher. Trustee Ed Ritter responded by saying, “NOW YOU’RE GOING AFTER MY JOB!?!?”

Trustee Linda “Latino leader” Sliwinski pointed out to the other trustees that Carpentersville is now known as a sanctuary city for wife-beaters. Hmmm, Linda, don’t you mean illegal aliens…..tee-hee silly me.

I advise everyone who didn’t attend the Village Board Meeting last night to either watch this tragedy [or is it a comedy] on Comcast or pick up the DVD to witness the extremely bizzare and wacky behavior of our Village President Bill Sarto.

To obtain a copy of this meeting

847/426-3439 ext. 229

Just my thoughts,




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2 responses to “King Sarto has lost his marbles!

  1. carpentersville2

    Why was Tom Roeser there ? He nor his father have ever lived in Carpentersville. I can understand if the Roesers were like the Carpenter family, you know “lived here” and built a business that employed 2000 employees when Carpentersville was half that population.

    Opposed to a Resident of a Community that is surrounded by Carpentersville and suffers from the same affects of poor government just like we do as residents of Carpentersville!


  2. carpentersville2

    Jay Radke is also the same gentleman who received a visit from Village President Bill Sarto around 9:45 pm at his house. This was previously reported in one of my past columns. Pretty scary to have a Carpentersville Village President show up at your house, especially when you don’t even live in Carpentersville. Of course our mentally deranged Village President Bill Sarto, then complains that Jay Radke doesn’t even live in Carpentersville, during the “public comment” portion of the meeting.

    Again, I ask everyone who didn’t witness the strange and absurd behavior of B. S. Sarto, to watch the Village Board Meeting on Comcast or get the DVD.

    To obtain a copy of this meeting
    847/426-3439 ext. 229

    Just my thoughts,

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