King Sarto still playing politics!

B. S. Sarto who says he wants to concentrate on Carpentersville’s infrastructure, tax base and all those things that affect the families of our community, is still not giving up his quest to get rid of trustee Paul Humpfer.

He has placed on tonight’s agenda a “Resolution determining trustee position vacant.”

Give it up B. S. Sarto, your will is not what the MAJORITY of the Village Board wants. You’ll just have to wait, until the election in Spring of 2009. BUT, then again you will have been sacked as King of Carpentersville and exiled.

Typical B. S. by Sarto, do we expect anything less?

Just my thoughts,



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6 responses to “King Sarto still playing politics!

  1. Dave Reece

    Brenda’s living in a fantasy world. What a nut job!

  2. Sounds like “sour grapes” to me. How long has it been, since you had any of your candidates win in Carpentersville?


  3. Dave Reece

    The previous election before the last. When is the last time your candidates honestly won an election and did exactly what they “PROMISED” to do ? Never, because they are what YOU said they are, liars and cheaters, there is no honor in that. ” Sour Grapes”? Thats funny, the only one spewing out “Sour Grapes” is you.

  4. Dave Reece
    December 19, 2009 at 11:59 am
    The previous election before the last.

    No you did not. Your bunch of candidates in Carpentersville lost in the last TWO [2] elections. Remember Zambrano, Frost and Dobson?

    Sour grapes? Ha-ha-ha, we celebrated King Sarto and his La Raza candidate Linda Sliwinski loss last April!

    BUT, yes you’re right about the last slate of candidates McFeggan, Shultz, Teeter and Ritter all went back on their promises of being fiscal conservatives and not wanting a new palace for Bob Cole. Of course, I should of known McFeggan would of just followed the other’s footsteps, since he’s just barely old enough to shave.


  5. Dave Reece

    New palace for Bob Cole? To let Millions of dollars worth of equipment sit outside and deteriorate is not being a fiscal conservative it is being fiscally irresponsible. Do you know anything about business, or have you ever run a business? No you have not. Its like your saying ” I’m not going to pay my Taxes because I’m a fiscal conservative” or “My truck needs repair so I can get to my job, but I will not repair it because I’m a fiscal conservative”
    Frank, you are against the much needed Public Works Facility only because Bill Sarto and myself have originally proposed it, in fact I have been pushing for it since 1999. Do you know why I support it? Because it is needed just like the Streets and infastructure are in need of repair. You forget that Sigwalt and Co. have been voting for tax increases year after year without any improvment plans for our Village and with $15 million in the Enterprise Fund and $3-6 million in reserves ( most Villages reserves are in the red). That fact was very clear in all the Audits during the 4 years of No-opinion Audits, in fact the lanquage stated that it gave the suspicion of embezzlement. I advise you to go check out the current Public Works Facility on Lake Marian Rd. then Check out the Facilities in East Dundee and West Dundee, two Villages that are much smaller in population and Tax Revenue and you “honestly” tell me what you think. I think the responsible thing to do is to protect the Taxpayers investment in that equipment so that we can continue to do the much needed improvments to our streets and infastructure in house, which is the cheapest and most cost effective way to get it done.
    Also ,I will put my record of bringing positive change to my community wether it be politically or as a community volunteer against yours any day. The only record you have is lying to the public and of the criminal type. The only reason that Humpfer, Sigwalt, Ritter, Teeter and Hinz were against the new Public Works Facility is because they didn’t want Sarto to be successful and get any credit for anything. If those five political hacks would have worked together with Sarto to move the process along, it would have been “shovel ready” and qualify for Federal stimulus money.

  6. Actually Dave my Neanderthal friend, I’ve been active in many projects and grassroots organization.

    Here, I’ll give you one grassroots organization that I and YOU have been on opposite sides.

    YOU wanted to place a CREMATORIUM next to OLD TOWN. YOU said it was a great idea to spew the ashes and smoke of animals and humans all over OLD TOWN and LAKE MARION.

    YOU lost that battle and with the help of families who live nearby and myself- YOU LOST!

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! What a greedy bastard you are, wanting to profit from the families who opposed that bad idea.


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