Is B. S. Sarto mentally unstable?

If any of you have not witnessed the Village Council Meeting last night, I encourage all of you to either, get the DVD of last night’s meeting or watch it on Cable.

B. S. Sarto not only tried to throw out innocent middle aged residents from the audience, he threw a major tantrum at his fellow trustees! He looked like a spoiled child who cried and whined, because nobody, but his lone ally Linda R. Sliwinski aka Latino Leader didn’t agree with him.

I believe that B. S. Sarto is mentally ill and needs to seek professional help. This poor excuse of a man is becoming more and more unstable. His mental illness is affecting not only his decision-making at Village Hall, but is now hurting the image of Carpentersville.

Just like President Nixon in his final days as President, drank too much, started to talk to pictures of past Presidents and became overwhelmingly paranoid. Please B. S. Sarto, seek help, before you go off that edge, where you’ll never, ever come back.

Just my thoughts,



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2 responses to “Is B. S. Sarto mentally unstable?

  1. pirellijones

    Those innocent middle-aged residents need to learn a little decorum in public meetings. Its C-ville though so no decorum is required at home, swing for the fences!

  2. eliz56

    Hi everyone,
    I was at the Village meeting and first of all, the Village President wanted the whole 2nd row of residents removed. He was not even looking in our direction, when he heard something from the audience. When the other trustees asked who he saw and heard, he pointed out a man and woman from the second row. Trustee Teeter said, “How could you of seen them, when you were not even looking in their direction.”
    I have to agree that Mr. Sarto is becoming delusional.

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