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Is it just me or is all of B. S. Sarto’s supporters hypocrites?

I’m quite puzzled by some of these cohorts of B. S. Sarto, the same ones who point their fingers at people and scream that they are lawbreakers, morally and ethically bankrupt, racists and bigots. Even trustee Linda R. Sliwinski and V.P. B. S. Sarto get in the act and call their fellow trustees the same names.

Now, let’s dig into some of these fine citizens past and see if they can pass their own “litmus test” on moral and ethical behaviour.

Hmmmm, let’s start with Adam Ruiz.

Adam Ruiz who during “public comment” questions trustee Paul Humpfer’s moral and ethical standards as reported in the Daily Herald. He also said, “It’s absurd. How can you uphold the Constitution when you’re a criminal?” “How can you represent the community when most people in the community are not wife-beaters? “This is an embarrassment.”

Well, Mr. Adam Ruiz let’s go back to the Spring of 2007. Just outside of Village Hall, you were outside with one of your Hispanic friends. You started to scream at Frank Stoneham [it was really Bob Kreibl] and you yelled that he better watch out or you’ll press charges. Which he replied, what are you talking about? Mr. Ruiz continued the ranting, raving, screaming with his arms waving in the air! He repeated that you better watch it, I’ll go to the police!!! Bob replied with a stern,  “GO AHEAD!!!” So, you went into the lobby and complained that Frank Stoneham was harrassing you, threatening you and just plain intimidating you. You wanted those police officers to arrest him. Well Mr. Ruiz, the cops did come out and went to the REAL Frank Stoneham and told him to go nowhere, because there might be charges pressed against you. Not only was the REAL Frank Stoneham surprised, but so were FOUR OTHER WITNESSES who all said that Frank Stoneham just walked out with us and did nothing. Bob Kreibl also protested loudly, that this was a set-up!

Well, guess what boys and girls, the cops came back out and said that Adam Ruiz pointed to Bob Kreibl, which he thought was Frank Stoneham. The Carpentersville police escorted Adam Ruiz out the backdoor.

You see Adam Ruiz at the time was a “newbie” at Village Hall meetings and he knew of the charges that Paul Calusinski and B. S. Sarto had made against Frank Stoneham. So, someone must of told Adam Ruiz that Frank Stoneham is the guy who wears “Illegal means Illegal” button and wears cowboy boots. Bob Kreibl was also wearing the same button and also likes to wear cowboy boots, but the similarities end there. Frank is about 6 inches taller than Bob and Bob is, shall we say more husky than Frank.

Obviously, a crime was committed, but Frank and Bob just shrugged it off, thinking they would never see him again. If they knew then, what they know now, they would of pressed charges on this creep! He’s also a proud pro-illegal advocate, who likes to hang out with other fine and upstanding individuals like, Paul Calusinski and Fernando Leyva.

Yes B. S. Sarto rewarded Adam Ruiz with a position on the Improvement Committee.

My next column will be about the antics of Paul Calusinski and Fernando Leyva. After that I’ll cover trustee Linda R. Sliwinski and our deranged Village President B. S. Sarto.

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Is B. S. Sarto mentally unstable?

If any of you have not witnessed the Village Council Meeting last night, I encourage all of you to either, get the DVD of last night’s meeting or watch it on Cable.

B. S. Sarto not only tried to throw out innocent middle aged residents from the audience, he threw a major tantrum at his fellow trustees! He looked like a spoiled child who cried and whined, because nobody, but his lone ally Linda R. Sliwinski aka Latino Leader didn’t agree with him.

I believe that B. S. Sarto is mentally ill and needs to seek professional help. This poor excuse of a man is becoming more and more unstable. His mental illness is affecting not only his decision-making at Village Hall, but is now hurting the image of Carpentersville.

Just like President Nixon in his final days as President, drank too much, started to talk to pictures of past Presidents and became overwhelmingly paranoid. Please B. S. Sarto, seek help, before you go off that edge, where you’ll never, ever come back.

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