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I just got a phone call from someone telling me that there’s a Police Investigation into the the passing out of fliers over the weekend which had a hand written hate message. We’ll keep you informed as information becomes available.


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10 responses to “Breaking News

  1. pirellijones

    Its bigger than that, there was an attempt on a trustee’s life that should be the focus of the investigation.

  2. carpentersville2

    That’s news to me? Which trustee was the attempt made on a trustee’s life? I pride myself in getting the latest rumors and I haven’t heard that one yet.

    Just my thoughts Brenda

  3. pirellijones

    You should come out for the meetings sometimes, they’re a real hoot. Last night Trustee Sigwalt reported that an attempt on her life had been perpetrated by a guy who spoke during the public comment session.

    I’ve got my FOIA request in as Sigwalt indicated that a full report was taken by Carpentersville police. I’m withholding judgement until I see the details but my first impression is that CPD may have dropped the ball by allowing an attempted murderer to get such free access to his victim. I knew she’d taken alot of heat for the support to your cause but I was shocked that someone would try to harm her over politics.

  4. carpentersville2

    Where do you get your information from? It had NOTHING to do with attempted murder.

    This is what was really hand written on the flyer that was found on the Sigwalt family front yard. The same flyers that Paul Calusinski and Fernando Leyva were handing out in trustee Sigwalt’s neighborhood.

    you condemn illegal behavior
    yet you support criminals?
    Grow up! Get an education!
    Low Class Lady [lady had been crossed out with an X]
    white trash Bitch!

    This flyer, with the hand written note was found by Judy’s husband, which was stuck to the Sigwalt’s frontyard bushes. This occured Sunday morning.

    Of course, there’s going to be a hand written analysis to be compared by a suspect in the case.

    Just my thoughts,

  5. pirellijones

    I got my information from Judy Sigwalt. I was sitting there when she said it. I don’t understand why the CPD let the attempted murderer so close to where she works part time.

  6. carpentersville2

    She said that Paul Calusinski steered his vehicle toward her car. It’s no secret that Paul Calusinski hates trustee Judy Sigwalt.

    The REAL crime is that Paul Calusinski called 911 to report that Judy Sigwalt has tried to hit his vehicle with her car. You see Pirelli, Paul Calusinski didn’t know that trustee Judy Sigwalt was already on the phone with 911 for several minutes, before Paul Calusinski had shown up. When Paul did show up he steered his SUV toward Judy Sigwalt’s Kia car. He called after the fact, but Judy was screaming for help on 911 as it was happening.

    Attempted manslaughter? I don’t know? But, this isn’t the first time that Paul Calusinski called 911 on someone and it turned out to be a bald face lie. Hopefully, the Carpentersville police will do an extensive investigation into the threatening of a elected official. Especially, when Paul Calusinski did almost the same thing back in January 2008 against another resident of this village.

    Just my thoughts,

  7. pirellijones

    No she said he tried to hit her with his car. Running a vehicle against a pedestrian is attempted murder. Either she slandered the man in public or there should be a complaint against him for attempting to murder her per her own comments during report last night.

    Don’t lie to me I’m here participating in Carpentersvilles tomorrow. The old guard has totally dropped the ball for like 40 years.

  8. carpentersville2

    Pirelli, please just listen to me ok? I’m going to give you just the facts, ok?
    Trustee Judy Sigwalt was in her KIA [import car], during the whole time she was on 911.

    Just my thoughts,

  9. pirellijones

    So your point is she slandered a citizen last night by distorting the facts? I am listening to you now but I listened to what she said last night and your version is innacurate, I have a video you can see I’m not sure who’s notes your reading but they are inaccurate.

    I hope that’s the case, my FOIA request is in. If the facts as she reported them to police don’t jive with the accusations she made in chambers last night you can expect a subpoena when she is tried for slander.

  10. carpentersville2

    Oh brother! You really give me a tickle.

    Just my thoughts,

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