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I just got a phone call from someone telling me that there’s a Police Investigation into the the passing out of fliers over the weekend which had a hand written hate message. We’ll keep you informed as information becomes available.


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C’ville Blog site litters the street with Trash

Now their looking to remove Trustee Sigwalt,  not just Trustee Humpfer

Here are the fliers being passed out by Paul Calusinsky and Fernando Leyva sponsored by the Garbage CAN web site and probably Village Idiot Sarto.


I love the little extra tidbits in Spanish

Consider the sources?

Several statements have been made in the media that the “witch hunt” for Humpfer’s removal has nothing to do with the submission of the Illegal Alien Immigration Relief Act but is only in response to his recent conviction. One of the fliers distributed this past weekend .

The flier is in English and in Spanish. The two versions are a little different. The Spanish version includes a contact phone number. That number is registered to a known pro-illegal activist. This activist does not reside in the Village of Carpentersville. In addition it includes the following words in Spanish: AMBOS ORIGINARIOS DE LA PROPUESTA ANTI-MIGRATORIA A literal translation is:

BOTH ORIGINAL ONES OF PROPOSAL ANTI-MIGRATORIA which in my language means: the original sponsors of the Illegal Alien Immigration Relief Act.
Interesting that this statement is made in the Spanish version but not in the English version of the flier.
The fliers are exhorting people to appear at this Tuesday night’s board meeting in Carpentersville and demand the removal of trustees Sigwalt and Humpfer from the Village Board. In response, others are now transmitting requests for people to show up in support of Humpfer and Sigwalt at tomorrow’s board meeting.

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