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Resident questions leadership skills of C’ville Board

Board OKs gasoline tax

March 6, 2008

CARPENTERSVILLE — After an hourlong debate fueled by concerns over adding to already bloated pump prices, the village board Tuesday night voted 5-2 to enact a 2-cents-per-gallon motor fuel tax.

Officials said the tax should generate about $250,000 in revenue and is needed to offset the financial impact of a future bond issue. The tax is to take effect May 1.

Village President Bill Sarto and Trustees Keith Hinz, Linda Ramirez Sliwinski, Ed Ritter and Kay Teeter voted in favor, while Trustees Judy Sigwalt and Paul Humpfer voted against the measure.

Sarto scoffed at suggestions that the tax would be burdensome for residents, and he expressed doubt it would drive local motorists to other towns to gas up.

“First off, it does tax the users that are using the roadways,” Sarto said. “It seems unbelievable to me that somebody should say that 2 cents (more per gallon) is going to determine whether or not someone is going to gas up in Carpentersville or someplace else.”

He said the revenue from the tax will be vital to the village’s capital improvement program, the centerpiece of which is repairs to crumbling streets.

Sigwalt said that although she is not against improving streets, she has a problem voting for what she described as a tax on top of a tax while signs of a recession are everywhere.

“We have brand-new stores that are cutting jobs, and people are tapping into their 401(k)s just to get by,” Sigwalt said.

She also noted oil prices have climbed to record levels. “And they’re predicting that gas will be $4 a gallon by spring-summer,” she said.

As further evidence that the village is facing harder times, trustees cited a resolution unanimously approved by the village board that allows local water, sewer and vehicle sticker payments to be paid via credit card.

Dear Village Board and President,

I find it absolutely irresponsible that we raised our local Gas taxes in a time of recession or some call it a slowing economy,  in any case not good.

And didn’t we just raise our water and sewer rates?…………………………………………………………..

 Why is it, Government bodies can’t do what  we as Individuals have to do and that’s stay within our own budgets. We cannot force our employers to up our income just because we spend to much just as the Village Officials should not force its employers ” the Tax Payers” to up the Villages income just because the Village Officials cannot balance a budget like the rest of the 37,000 residents do and with know help from the Village!

I am not seeing…… the Logic here. The Village gave the Village Fresh Market $250,000.00, we bought the Tamarac Crossing for what? 2.5 Million dollars? and I’m sure there is plenty I don’t know but, just with this information it shows that the Village should not have bought the Tamarac property and could not afford to give Village Fresh Market $250,000. and other miscellaneous donations or “Incentives”.

This is probably the worst display of leadership yet, which includes the majority of the Board…… When does it stop?……………… where are our taxes going to be 10, 20 years from now?……  Do you realize between all of the taxing body’s that the percentage of our personal money is dwindling away to pay assorted taxes…….. How often do you think you can do this?……… Soon we’ll all be working just to pay taxes.   Where will we get our food?

With this increase in the Gas tax I would expect a freeze on all additional spending within the Village until the time you can Govern with the funds you have in the Village budget, Not the residents Budgets.

Another suggestion and Question; Don’t spend it if you don’t have it, and Should “home rule” be reviewed ?

Just as another thought, We don’t count every cent of tax money we pay each year on everything……….. Just think……….. add it up!

federal Income tax
real estate tax
sales tax
Gas of various taxing districts

And which one of these or any taxing bodies  have ever reduced their percentage of tax charged to you?


Richard Grass & Family


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