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Will code enforcement help prevent overcrowding?

Latino advocacy group: Code enforcement won’t prevent crowding

Here’s an interesting article on the Latino advocacy group that focuses on Code enforcement. Of course their findings are biased and one sided, but entertaining.

Aggressive code enforcement won’t reduce overcrowding among Latinos living in the Chicago suburbs, a new report by a Latino advocacy group found.

“(Ramping up enforcement is) a risky and ineffective approach,” stated the report released Tuesday by Chicago-based Latinos United.

“It tends to hold occupants responsible for overcrowding instead of exploitative landlords, and sends a clear message to Latinos that they are not welcome.”

really, do you expect they would have said anything else. Must of been a quick study.

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Fire Chief Shuldt was able to defuse a potentially explosive situation, prior to the March 18th, Carpentersville Village Board Meeting.

A high ranking police official got into a heated debate with a local resident. Another local resident who witnessed this “MATCH”, asked Fire Chief Shuldt to step in, which he did without hestitation, he professionally and respectfully, defused a potential firestorm.

This man has shown he can put out more than one kind of fire. His commitment to the community and the families of Carpentersville is exemplary.

Just my thoughts,


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Is it just me or is all of B. S. Sarto’s supporters hypocrites?

I’m quite puzzled by some of these cohorts of B. S. Sarto, the same ones who point their fingers at people and scream that they are lawbreakers, morally and ethically bankrupt, racists and bigots. Even trustee Linda R. Sliwinski and V.P. B. S. Sarto get in the act and call their fellow trustees the same names.

Now, let’s dig into some of these fine citizens past and see if they can pass their own “litmus test” on moral and ethical behaviour.

Hmmmm, let’s start with Adam Ruiz.

Adam Ruiz who during “public comment” questions trustee Paul Humpfer’s moral and ethical standards as reported in the Daily Herald. He also said, “It’s absurd. How can you uphold the Constitution when you’re a criminal?” “How can you represent the community when most people in the community are not wife-beaters? “This is an embarrassment.”

Well, Mr. Adam Ruiz let’s go back to the Spring of 2007. Just outside of Village Hall, you were outside with one of your Hispanic friends. You started to scream at Frank Stoneham [it was really Bob Kreibl] and you yelled that he better watch out or you’ll press charges. Which he replied, what are you talking about? Mr. Ruiz continued the ranting, raving, screaming with his arms waving in the air! He repeated that you better watch it, I’ll go to the police!!! Bob replied with a stern,  “GO AHEAD!!!” So, you went into the lobby and complained that Frank Stoneham was harrassing you, threatening you and just plain intimidating you. You wanted those police officers to arrest him. Well Mr. Ruiz, the cops did come out and went to the REAL Frank Stoneham and told him to go nowhere, because there might be charges pressed against you. Not only was the REAL Frank Stoneham surprised, but so were FOUR OTHER WITNESSES who all said that Frank Stoneham just walked out with us and did nothing. Bob Kreibl also protested loudly, that this was a set-up!

Well, guess what boys and girls, the cops came back out and said that Adam Ruiz pointed to Bob Kreibl, which he thought was Frank Stoneham. The Carpentersville police escorted Adam Ruiz out the backdoor.

You see Adam Ruiz at the time was a “newbie” at Village Hall meetings and he knew of the charges that Paul Calusinski and B. S. Sarto had made against Frank Stoneham. So, someone must of told Adam Ruiz that Frank Stoneham is the guy who wears “Illegal means Illegal” button and wears cowboy boots. Bob Kreibl was also wearing the same button and also likes to wear cowboy boots, but the similarities end there. Frank is about 6 inches taller than Bob and Bob is, shall we say more husky than Frank.

Obviously, a crime was committed, but Frank and Bob just shrugged it off, thinking they would never see him again. If they knew then, what they know now, they would of pressed charges on this creep! He’s also a proud pro-illegal advocate, who likes to hang out with other fine and upstanding individuals like, Paul Calusinski and Fernando Leyva.

Yes B. S. Sarto rewarded Adam Ruiz with a position on the Improvement Committee.

My next column will be about the antics of Paul Calusinski and Fernando Leyva. After that I’ll cover trustee Linda R. Sliwinski and our deranged Village President B. S. Sarto.

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Is B. S. Sarto mentally unstable?

If any of you have not witnessed the Village Council Meeting last night, I encourage all of you to either, get the DVD of last night’s meeting or watch it on Cable.

B. S. Sarto not only tried to throw out innocent middle aged residents from the audience, he threw a major tantrum at his fellow trustees! He looked like a spoiled child who cried and whined, because nobody, but his lone ally Linda R. Sliwinski aka Latino Leader didn’t agree with him.

I believe that B. S. Sarto is mentally ill and needs to seek professional help. This poor excuse of a man is becoming more and more unstable. His mental illness is affecting not only his decision-making at Village Hall, but is now hurting the image of Carpentersville.

Just like President Nixon in his final days as President, drank too much, started to talk to pictures of past Presidents and became overwhelmingly paranoid. Please B. S. Sarto, seek help, before you go off that edge, where you’ll never, ever come back.

Just my thoughts,



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Breaking News

I just got a phone call from someone telling me that there’s a Police Investigation into the the passing out of fliers over the weekend which had a hand written hate message. We’ll keep you informed as information becomes available.


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C’ville Blog site litters the street with Trash

Now their looking to remove Trustee Sigwalt,  not just Trustee Humpfer

Here are the fliers being passed out by Paul Calusinsky and Fernando Leyva sponsored by the Garbage CAN web site and probably Village Idiot Sarto.


I love the little extra tidbits in Spanish

Consider the sources?

Several statements have been made in the media that the “witch hunt” for Humpfer’s removal has nothing to do with the submission of the Illegal Alien Immigration Relief Act but is only in response to his recent conviction. One of the fliers distributed this past weekend .

The flier is in English and in Spanish. The two versions are a little different. The Spanish version includes a contact phone number. That number is registered to a known pro-illegal activist. This activist does not reside in the Village of Carpentersville. In addition it includes the following words in Spanish: AMBOS ORIGINARIOS DE LA PROPUESTA ANTI-MIGRATORIA A literal translation is:

BOTH ORIGINAL ONES OF PROPOSAL ANTI-MIGRATORIA which in my language means: the original sponsors of the Illegal Alien Immigration Relief Act.
Interesting that this statement is made in the Spanish version but not in the English version of the flier.
The fliers are exhorting people to appear at this Tuesday night’s board meeting in Carpentersville and demand the removal of trustees Sigwalt and Humpfer from the Village Board. In response, others are now transmitting requests for people to show up in support of Humpfer and Sigwalt at tomorrow’s board meeting.

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Your support is needed at the Carpentersville Village Hall Village Hall Alert all Minuteman

March 16th, 2008 We the people

Dear Members,

Our Friends at Fox Valley Citizens are in need of our support: Here is an important message from them.

Your support is needed at the Carpentersville Village Hall meeting this coming Tuesday, March 18th at 7:00pm. Village Trustees Paul & Judy, who have been our support in the fight to stop the invasion of illegal immigrants in the Fox Valley are being attacked by Village President Bill Sarto. There has been tremendous support from the other side in the past few days to have Paul and Judy removed from the board. There is expected to be a great number of people at the meeting to speak in support of President Bill Sarto and his intensions to have them removed from the board this Tuesday night.

Please gather together your thoughts and as many people who share these same thoughts and bring them all to the Village Hall Meeting this Tuesday night to show our continued support for Paul & Judy.

If there has ever been a need to speak at the Village Hall Meetings, now is the time to show up and speak up in support of Paul & Judy. You do NOT have to be a resident of Carpentersville to speak, just be aware that there is an ordinance that allows residents to speak before non-residents – SO SHOW UP EARLY AND GET SIGNED UP AND MAKE YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!!

Thanks in advance and we look forward to seeing you all there!


Since sending their original request………

It has come to light, since I sent this out, that they are sending spreading fliers around town (in both Spanish and English) telling everyone to be there by 7:00, in the hopes that by being there 30 minutes early they can crowd the Village Hall and force us all outside. So, it imperative that we have a strong showing at the Village Hall Tuesday night and that our supporters arrive early enough to force them out!

Thanks for your help and support!

Remember This Has Been a Battleground Before as People from all over were bused in!!!!!!

MARCH 18, 2008 — 7:30 P.M.

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Trouble with local Leadership

Idiocy and meanness reaching new heights in the suburbs
By Chuck Goudie | Daily Herald Columnist
Published: 3/17/2008 12:06 AM

Local, small town “governance” can sometimes be plagued by pettiness and a hunger for power that far outdistances the scope of any elective or appointed position.

Now, though, the level of spite, meanness and idiocy in some local governments is reaching new heights. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

In Carpentersville, the town government has come to a halt because one trustee has been convicted of walloping his wife with a baseball bat. He hit her in the legs and prodded her in the groin, according to recent trial testimony.

The mayor, in his bid to toss the trustee off the village board, further alleges the trustee doesn’t even live in Carpentersville.

Oh, and did I mention that, according to published reports, the trustee with the baseball bat hit his wife shortly after he learned she had sex with the 30-year-old son of another Carpentersville council member?

Commenting on the sordid story has become quite a pastime on Internet blogs, has poisoned village board proceedings and has hampered the community from addressing more pressing problems such as how to deal with a surge in illegal immigrants.

This situation is no doubt fed by suburban residents who have real jobs by day, but by night they follow the lead of full-time rabble-rousers such as our governor, members of the General Assembly and those running for president.

Maybe there needs to be more anti-psychotic medication dumped into the water supply so that Carpentersville can once again live up to its slogan: “Building a better tomorrow, today.”

And then there is Hinsdale, where the silent majority of residents are embarrassed and increasingly unamused by their village “leaders.”

For several years there has been incessant bickering between elected officials and some blue-blooded preservationists who appear to see empty-nester housing as Cabrini-Green incarnate and any retail re-development as tantamount to bringing the failed State Street Mall to their suburb.

As with the war in Carpentersville, Hinsdale’s battlefield is largely on the Internet where anonymous personal slurs are as easy to toss as popcorn kernels in a dark theater.

Maybe these mud-slingers are harboring anger left after losing their high school student council elections. Or possibly they are just venting mid-life crises by taking it out on entire communities. I wish they would simply buy a Corvette convertible or someone would give them a Botox gift card.

The Carpentersville village board meets tomorrow night. The Hinsdale village board convenes, suitably, on April Fool’s day.

Shortly after 7:30 on those evenings, the trustees will take attendance. Then, out of habit, each will stand and face the American Flag. One or two might even put their right hand over their heart as they recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

They obviously need a reminder as to exactly what they are pledging. Perhaps someone ought to read the below version of the Pledge. Old-time comic Red Skelton once delivered something like it on his TV show but I’ve taken the liberty of updating it.

“I Pledge Allegiance…”

“I” means me, an individual and committee of one; “pledge” is a solemn devotion to serve others without selfishness or self-pity; “allegiance” is a promise to be faithful to those who have handed over their trust.

“To the Flag…”

This red, white and blue cloth stands as a symbol of the freedom that allows you to represent us. It has stood for 236 years and will be here long after you are gone. Leave it as you found it.


We all come together for the common good of the…


Many pieces. One pie. Many people. One purpose.

“And to the republic for which it stands…”

We live in a republic. That means power is given from the people to the leaders, not from the leaders to the people.

“one nation, under God,”

Don’t forget who has the ultimate power to recall you.


You can try to divide…but we will conquer.

“With liberty…”

This would be the right we have to live as we see fit, without the threat or fear of retaliation.

“And justice for all.”

Justice means you should play fair and do the right thing.

If you ever forget what that means, remember these two words: Eliot Spitzer.


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Are Sarto’s powers being reined in?

Some say that Carpentersville residents want Humpfer off the Board, But really the statistics aren’t there and except for one resistive Article in the Courier there has been little call by the residents. I think most of this is because nobody believes the Judge in this case, just like the OJ Simpsons nobody believed that out come either.

I certainly believe that in any case nobody wants Sarto to pick any Trustee too be placed on the Board.  We already have one “yes trustee” which everyone knows as Sliwinski, and that’s more than enough of the “Sarto clowns”.

Speaking of clowns, I don’t think Carpentersville residents appreciate the way things transpired after last years Inauguration. We had a little back room quarterbacking going on…………….

“Ringmaster Sarto and his mudslinging clowns!”

Proposal to rein in Carpentesville president’s power
By Larissa Chinwah | Daily Herald Staff
Published: 3/15/2008 12:32 AM

Carpentersville trustees want to scale back the village president’s powers, claiming his efforts this week in seeking a trustee’s removal were an abuse of power.

Trustee Judy Sigwalt will present a resolution Tuesday that would prevent Village President Bill Sarto from acting on the behalf of the board, initiating investigations and using village resources without prior consent from the village board.

“We want to make him stop so we can get on with village business,” Sigwalt said. “We need to stop Sarto from expending money on a witch hunt that has been going on for three years since Paul (Humpfer) was first appointed to the village board.”

Earlier this week, Sarto asked both Kane County State’s Attorney John Barsanti and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to step in and remove Trustee Paul Humpfer from the board.

Sarto asked the state’s attorney and the attorney general to begin quo warranto proceedings, an action that establishes the legitimacy of an officeholder.

The move came days after Humpfer was convicted on four counts of misdemeanor domestic battery for hitting his wife with a baseball bat.

Village attorney James Rhodes drafted the letters, which both offices confirmed they had received.

Rhodes did not return calls seeking comment.

But Sarto said the board does not have the right to adopt such provisions.

“My greatest concern here is that they are trying to limit my rights not only as president but as a citizen to inquire about anything,” Sarto said. “It is a tempest in a teapot. I am not too concerned. It’s a resolution, not an ordinance.”

In addition, Trustee Linda Ramirez-Sliwinski called the resolution “comical.”

“It is just Judy being childish,” Ramirez-Sliwinski said. “When Judy doesn’t like the rules she tries to change them.”

Other trustees, though, say they support the measure.

Trustees Ed Ritter and Kay Teeter asked for the measure’s inclusion on Tuesday’s village board agenda.

“It allows the board to become involved with the matter at hand,” Hinz said.

Teeter also said the resolution is needed to rein in the mayor.

“Yes, I support it, but it is just very irritating that we have to go through this because someone is abusing their power,” Teeter said. “There were less than 24 hours after the verdict before he declared the seat vacant. He didn’t care what we thought or had to say.”

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King Sarto, Personality disorder?, Infamous Crime?

There’s Only My Way!

“Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval and inappropriate seductiveness, usually beginning in early adulthood.”

“The essential feature of the histrionic personality disorder is a pervasive and excessive pattern of emotionality and attention-seeking behavior. These individuals are lively, dramatic, enthusiastic, and flirtatious. They may be inappropriately sexually provocative, express strong emotions with an impressionistic style, and be easily influenced by others.”


Sarto said Humpfer’s conviction last week on four counts of misdemeanor domestic battery warrants his immediate ejection.

On Wednesday, Sarto sent a letter to both Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Kane County State’s Attorney John Barsanti requesting they take action to remove Humpfer.

The letters sought “quo warranto” action, a legal term describing an effort to establish the legitimacy of an officeholder’s claim to his seat.

It is commonly used to remove publicly elected officials who have committed crimes but who refuse to relinquish their offices.

“It is my opinion that the severity of these convictions necessitates a judicial determination that Paul Humpfer has been convicted of an infamous crime and that the conviction would require a forfeiture of his office,” Sarto said in the letters.

A person convicted of a felony, bribery, perjury or other infamous crime shall be ineligible to hold an office created by this Constitution. Eligibility may be restored as provided by law.
Those found guilty of a misdemeanor can retain their seats.

Code of Civil Procedure, sections 803-811

An action may be brought by the attorney-general, in the name of the people of this state, upon his own information, or upon a complaint of a private party, against any person who usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises any public office, civil or military, or any franchise, or against any corporation, either de jure or de facto, which usurps, intrudes into, or unlawfully holds or exercises any franchise, within this state. And the attorney-general must bring the action, whenever he has reason to believe that any such office or franchise has been usurped, intruded into, or unlawfully held or exercised by any person, or when he is directed to do so by the governor.

Law Dictionary:

Infamous Crime

A crime which works infamy in the person who commits it. 189 S.E. 441. At common law, any infamous crime was one that rendered the person convicted thereof incompetent as a witness. 4 N.Y. Cr. R. 545, 546. This was based on the theory of untrustworthiness whereby a testimonial disqualification was imposed to prevent the introduction of evidence thought not entitled to credence. In this sense, infamous crimes comprehended treason, felonies and any crime involving the element of deceit [crimen falsi] 23 F. 136, 137 and examined the nature of the crime rather than the nature of the punishment inflicted. The modern view of infamous crimes, which under Art. V of the Constitution must be prosecuted by indictment, is any crime that is punishable by death or imprisonment in a state penal institution, with or without hard labor for more than one year. See 604 F. 2d 569, 572. Under this view, it is determined by the nature of the punishment, which a court is authorized to impose, and not by the character of the crime. The common law procedure of excluding witnesses because of prior infamous convictions is no longer followed, although such convictions may affect the credibility of the witness. See 182 A. 2d 15, 16.,3_4_EL13_EDITHUMPFER_S1.article

“When we endorsed candidates in the Carpentersville Village Board election last spring, we said we believed Carpentersville needed a strong, respected voice to solve the village’s many problems and someone to counter the autocratic behavior of Village President William Sarto.”

“It was for those reasons we endorsed appointed Village Trustee Paul Humpfer for election to a full term. It is also for those reasons we now ask him to resign.”
“We do not ask for his resignation lightly nor happily, because we cannot imagine a village in which the strongest voice is William Sarto.”

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