Was B. S. Sarto impaired?

Reminds me of that movie, “Guess who’s coming to dinner” with Spencer Tracy.

Friday night at 9:45 in the evening, a group of citizens who belong to Fox Valley Citizens, were about to call it a night after a long evening of discussing and educating each other about being a Pollwatcher, during the upcoming primary. Well, you can imagine the homeowner’s surprise, when someone began knocking on his door at such a late hour. The bigger surprise was that it was Carpentersville’s Village President B. S. Sarto!!! Yes, the same guy and with the help of his allies [Dave Reece, trustee Linda Sliwinski, Paul Culusinski and Fernando Leyva] who have painted Fox Valley Citizens and it’s members as racists and bigots.

It didn’t take to long though to figure out why he came at such a late hour…..he had a strong smell of ALCOHOL on his breath. 

What is wrong with this picture? Just the other week, Paul Calusinski and Dave Reece were stalking the same home of Lake Marion resident Jay Radke [Kane County Police were called in] and now Dave Reece was stalking the same home this Friday evening, before a tipsy B. S. Sarto shows up at the door.

To add to all this, Gloria Van Cleave was intimidated and harrassed by Dave Reece, over at the Citgo gas station, while she got coffee and filled her car up with gas. This also happened that same Friday in the morning. She did file a complaint with the Carpentersville Police Department

What’s next….dogs and cats sleeping with each other?

Just my thoughts,



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