Carpentersville’s Beautification Committee on Hold?

Carpentersville panel will take pregnant pause

By Larissa Chinwah | Daily Herald Staff
Published: 1/4/2008 12:25 AM

A Carpentersville group responsible for beautifying one of the village’s busiest intersections has been forced to take a pause due to pregnancy.

The Beautification and Improvement Committee of Carpentersville called it quits late last year after organization president Nancy Moore learned she was expecting a fourth child.

Last fall, the group of volunteers landscaped the retaining wall at the southeast corner of Route 31 and Main Street, known as the Ivy Wall Project.

“Since I cannot continue as president, we decided to put it aside,” said Moore, a former village trustee. “If someone wants to resurrect it, then they could take it up or we can start it up in several years.”

While the pregnancy was the main reason for the group’s disbanding, Moore said no one was interested in taking over the leadership role.

“A reason we can’t find other people to continue it on is because people are disillusioned by the atmosphere in the village,” Moore said. “People are not willing to help out the village because of what is going on in the village and at these board meetings.”

Trustee Judy Sigwalt said the group’s disbanding would be a loss to the community.

“I think it is a shame. Under the direction of Nancy Moore they did quite a beautiful job up on that hill,” Sigwalt said. “The sense of doing something good for the community is going to be lost. They did a lot of good for the village.”

A project to beautify the corridor along Route 25 was proposed, but the group ran into a roadblock since the median is controlled by the state.

This committee has done some nice things and has some good plans for the future, hopefully it will be back on line soon!

Route 25 being controlled by the State does not exactly mean that Carpentersville cannot Improve the Median. Elgin has just completed a Median Improvement project at RT 25 and The Jane Adams tollway( 90) also Rt 64 through Carol Stream has had some recent median Improvements. I would Imagine that it would take some time along with lengthy negotiations and a whole lot of money,but It would improve the aesthetics of the Area.

 above are pictures of I90 and Rt. 25 in Elgin where the median recently has been upgraded.

As a side Note; I received a communication from Ms.Moore that the BICC website is not working correctly, so know sense in posting a link if it’s not current. Thanks, Nancy for the info.


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