Are Anonymous Blogs credible ?



Political Mudslinging Reaches New

Lows: Using Anonymous Blog

 Comments In Attack Ads

from the well,-that’s-just-too-easy dept

I almost hate to post this, because anything that touches on politics tends to dissolve into pointless name calling in the comments, but it is interesting (if sleazy) to find out that political campaign attack ads are now using anonymously posted blog comments to smear opponents. The ad in question has a voice-over announcing “what others are saying…” about the candidates opponent, and then shows some really negative comments that were placed anonymously on a blog post. Yes, this seems incredibly low. In fact, if campaigns are going to do that, they could simply post whatever kind of comment they wanted to any random prominent blog (as long as it has open comments) and then use that quote in their campaign ad. Yet, because it’s now on a blog somewhere, they can pretend it’s legitimately “sourced.” So this is what they meant when people predicted that blogs would revolutionize politics?

Is an Anonymous Blog good for our community? or does it create conflict and add to the divide amongst politicians and the residents it’s intending to serve?

What are your views?

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  1. carpentersville2

    This is some results of a web search on anonymous Blogs! Interesting reading.

    Richard Grass

    “Anonymous Blog Owners and Anonymous Blog Comments should be ignored!

    I read with great interest the following article from Charley Foster’s Blog . Since my wife is a 3L at the University of Utah Law School we both find his blog informative and more importantly fact based. As many of you know who read the papers, I have been involved in some legal issues that hopefully will be settled this coming week. Unfortunately the other party involved felt it necessary to involve the media in this matter and that has drawn the interest of several blog sites who have chosen to post articles and allowed anonymous comments that have been totally false or pure speculation.

    From Charley Fosters Blog
    Friday, June 02, 2006

    “bloggers not liable for anonymous comments on their blogs

    …at least in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Some time ago I wrote that the pre-emption clause of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act ought to block such claims, and here the U.S. District Court held exactly that, saying the act overrides the traditional treatment of publishers under statutory and common law”. – Dimeo v. Max (pdf)

    Two local blogs in particular and have chosen to post false information or pure speculation and allow anonymous comments full of lies and innuendo that have been hurtful to both myself and my family to be posted on their sites.

    In my opinion no Blog owner should be anonymous. Why should someone who posts articles about other persons or public policy hide behind a cloak of secrecy? In the case of Ethan Millard’s slcspin the pure garbage that is posted on this site should be taken to the dump and buried.

    A recent post from The Fly on the slcspin site has caused a real firestorm within the GOP leadership.

    I find it interesting that Steve Devore has finally come clean and admitted his involvement with this site. I really think the owner of Utah Conservative should do the same.

    What I find most interesting with Steve Devore’s The Fly Blog is one of his most recent posts.

    “No More Anonymous CommentsThe Fly has allowed anonymous comments on his blog. As he has read the comments, many of the comments have been somewhat scurrilous in nature and some have been downright untrue. Effective immediately, the Fly will require people who want to make comments to identify themselves with their full names and e-mail addresses. We’ll follow the same letter-to-the-editor principles of the major newspapers that require the writers to identify themselves.
    If you want to provide anonymous tips for investigation, you can still do so. These tips are the lifeblood of the Fly. These tips will not be published but will be investigated and then reported if there is something there. The tipsters will never be identified.”

    This is the exact reason why my Blog site does not allow anonymous comments. If you are not brave enough to use you real name when you post a comment or own a Blog site, of what real value are your postings?

    I would say worthless

    Mark E. Towner
    Proud Owner and Identified Poster always of the Political Spyglass

    Posted by The Spyglass at 1:13 AM”

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