Ringmaster Sarto and his mudslinging clowns!


Welcome boys and girls to Carpentersville’s circus of politics, where throwing accusations and pointing fingers take center stage!

Starring B. S. Sarto as the Village President & Linda Remariz Sliwinski as the trustee

Co-starring Paul Calusinski as the hypocrite

Yes boys and girls the handwriting is on the wall, but we prefer to call it graffitti.

Below this introduction to our mudslinging actors and actress, is the continued shenanigans being acted out by Ringmaster B. S. Sarto and his circus of clowns. It’s bad enough that B. S. Sarto has to constantly interupt the citizens of this great country, during the “public comment” portion of the Village Council Meetings and interupts and attacks the overwhelming majority of the trustees as some how holding back the Village of Carpentersville from moving forward.

B. S. Sarto is also guilty of prolonging the Village Council Meetings with his ranting and ravings. We never ever heard someone who talks so much, yet says so little. Good ole Ringmaster B. S. Sarto can stretch a sentance into a long version of “WAR and PEACE” the novel. I’m sure the majority of us would rather hear someone scratching the blackboard with their fingernails, than to hear B. S. Sarto blathering and repeating over and over and over the “same old, same old” that could be said in 45 seconds.

Well anyway, back to the main act in the three ring circus!

The new found friends of Jacqueline M. Humpfer aka Jackie aka Wackie Jackie, the seperated wife of trustee Paul Humpfer are trustee Linda “they’re all racists and bigots” Sliwinski and Paul “hypocrite” Calusinski. These two clowns who never had a relationship with Jackie prior to her seperation with Paul Humpfer, are now her “best friends” who babysit the Humpfer’s children [the children despise these high priced babysitters] and give legal and other types of advise to Jackie to further embarress and personally attack trustees Paul Humpfer and Judy Sigwalt. Trustee Linda ” the caring friend” Sliwinski and Paul “C’ville cops tased me three times” Calusinski [We’ll get to that at a later column] who love to attend all the Court proceedings concerning Paul Humpfer which includes harassing him inside and especially outside of Court, now has given Jackie “legal advice” on how to further embarress and personally  attack their political rivals trustes Paul Humpfer and Judy Sigwalt.

Read and enjoy this column as it will shock you!!! So grab a soft drink and popcorn as this is the most entertaining circus act of all times!!!

No extra charge for butter

The following act has been rated R, those under the age of 17 must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian over the age of 18

Be warned, you will find yourself saying “WOW!” over and over again, don’t go any further if you don’t like being shocked!

Now proceed at your own peril


The following takes place at the Carpentersville’s Police Station Oct. 23, 2007 4:35 pm

On October 23, 2007 Mrs. Humpfer came to the police department to see me [Of. Gillette]. She came in the company of Paul Calusinski of 528 Apache, Carpentersville, IL. 60110, and her two children. Once at the police station, they asked me to speak with me. I went to the lobby to answer their call and escorted them to the lobby interview room. I inquired into the purpose of their visit? PAUL CALUSINSKI stated that “Jackie wanted to make a report and file charges concerning the sex assault that happened involving Jackie and Marty Sigwalt”. I told them that I would need to talk to “Jackie” alone. Mr. Calusinski agreed and returned to the lobby with the Humpfer children.

I asked Mrs. Humpfer to tell me why she came to talk to me? She replied that, “Her court case with Paul [Humpfer] was going to trial next month and she wanted to make a complaint against Marty Sigwalt for sex assault because she does not know how she ended up naked on the patio, so she must have been date rape drugged by Marty.

I reminded her that she already told us and the GRAND JURY that she did not know how the sexual activities between her and Marty occurred. I asked her why now, did she think that she was drugged and “raped”? She said that she did not know, but that must be what happened because she would not do something like that on her own, that she just does not remember how it happened. She went on to say that she remembers hearing Judy Sigwalt say here she is Paul, and that she was asleep on the Sigwalt sofa, and the next thing she remembers is that she was naked on the patio.

I excused myself and retrieved department stationary and returned. I explained to Mrs. Humpfer that I would require her to write a statement telling me exactly what happened on May 15, 2007. [I believe that this night in question might be April 15, 2007, not May 15th.]

Mrs. Humpfer asked why she would need to write something and I explained that this is a very serious matter and allegation, and I intend to take the matter just as seriously. I explained that I need a lot of facts and I preferred them in her words not mine. Mrs. Humpfer said, “I don’t want to press charges against Marty, I just want ti known in a police report that I think I was drugged and I would not have done something like that on my own. I told her that I understood, however this is an allegation of a very serious felony act and once reported, she has little control or say as to the outcome if what she is saying is true, and either way, I am under an obligation if she is steadfast in her complaint to investigate the allegation. She again questioned why she should need to write anything, she does not want Marty in trouble. I told her that she had a HISTORY of making false claims or allegations and then saying that she did not make the claim or allegation. I told her that the system of justice could not be subject to that behavior and that she will have to put her allegations along with facts of her claim in writing to ensure thatthe record was correct, that she, not anyone else is making the claim that she was drugged and sexually assaulted in light of the time that has elapsed, the pending court circumstances, and lack of physical evidence that might have been collected had the claim been made in a timely fashion, and her previous statements made under oath to the GRAND JURY. I further explained that just as with her previous complaints, a written or taped statement is expected.

Mrs. Humpfer kept looking at the door while she spoke and was very certain that she did not want to get Marty in trouble. I asked her why she was making this allegation now? She implied “THEY” were persuading her to make the sex assault claim. She said that PAUL and LINDA convinced her to come here and make the report and now she did notknow what to do, but she really did not remember why she ended up naked on the patio. I did not ask her who Paul and Linda are. She said that she did not want Marty to get in trouble and she did not want to write a statement. She remembered going to Randall Roadhouse, but did not remember going to the Sigwalt home, that she remembers Judy saying she is here Paul, and then being naked on the patio. She again said that she did not want Marty to get in trouble, and only wanted a record of her inability to recall the event, that she did not want to make a report like this.

I informed her that she can do what she wants to do. If she feels she was sexually assaulted on that evening and wants to report that claim as she has we will investigate the allegation but she has to be party to the investigation, we can not do that alone. She said that she did not know what to do, and kept looking at the door. I told her that she had to make up her own mind, not let ANYONE do that for her. She made a remark indicating that she told THEM that and that she did not know what to do. I told her that I could leave her alone to consider what she wanted to do, and asked her if there was someone that she could talk to that could give her good sound neutral advice. I offered and gave her the crisis center information as well as offered the telephone to her. I offered to leave the room. She said that she wanted to talk to her psychiatrist before she continued, and before she put anything in writing, but again she did not know what to “tell THEM”!

I told her that WHOMEVER she was referring to she was under no obligation and did not have to tell “THEM” anything. She said can’t THEY get the report? I told her that at some point when I completed the investigation it would be available. I told her that I would not conceal anything from anyone. I asked her when she would be able to see her psychiatrist? She said that she would see her on Friday. I told her that she needed to tell me what she wanted me to do, that I could begin the investigation, or I can wait until I hear from her after she sought advice, but either way, she needed to write what she wanted from me. She said that she wanted to wait until she spoke to her pschiatrist and if she wanted anything done she would let me know after Friday.

I told her that I would document that she again stated that she does not recall the events leading up to the sexual activity on the evening that involved her and Marty Sigwalt that lead to her domestic problems of May 17, 2007 with her husband, that I would wait for her to follow-up after her visit with her pschiatrist before activating a criminal investigation concerning this matter, though I would talk to the state attorneys office to be certain that this action was acceptable. Mrs. Humpfer wrote a statement notifying the Carpentersville Police Department that she will let us know if she wants any further activity concerning this case. This statement is attached to this report.

I spoke to Assistant Kane County State Attorney Clint Hull concerning the above information. He advised that it is appropriate to wait until further notice from Mrs. Humpfer before taking further action.

C/1730hrs. MG#153

Well boys and girls as you can see, Paul Calusinski and Linda Remariz Sliwinski aka baysitters have tried to influence poor Jackie to play along with their political games and mudslinging.


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4 responses to “Ringmaster Sarto and his mudslinging clowns!

  1. cindycville

    Where did you get this information from, it sounds too far fetched. Just can’t believe Trustee Sliwinski would stoop so low as to persuade a troubled woman like Jackie, who is I guess if true is seeking professional help.

    Who’s this Paul Calusinski and why do you nickname him hypocrite?

    Please try to answer my questions and if you can’t then delete this column. The same thing happened over at Carpentersville Action Network, where they had some guy named ?Dave Reese? I think and he threw accusations all over the place and couldn’t back it up, so after many complaints they deleted the column.

    Unfortunately, Carpentersville Action Network is becoming so biased against trustees Humpfer, Sigwalt, Hinz, Teeter and Ritter that I’m losing interest in that website.

    I do hope Brenda, that you can back up your claims or I’ll stop visiting this site.

    Just my thoughts too,

  2. carpentersville2

    Hi Cindy,

    The information is 100% factual and came from a Freedom of Information request.

    Yes Cindy, we have trustee Linda Sliwinski with the help of Paul Calusinski who were trying to coax her into filing false charges of sexual assault. They probably thought that they could not only further embarress trustee Judy Sigwalt, but try to get Jackie a better defense against her having sex with another man [Marty is the son of Judy]. This did happened on the night, when the trustees were being sworn in as trustees, after the election.

    Jackie was discovered on her knees and naked giving Marty a, ummm, errrr…..well you know. Of course, several days later, she filed for divorce and those false charges of battery. Poor girl was caught red handed and she panicked!

    Thank God, she has people like trustee Linda Remariz Sliwinski to give her legal advise and to babysit her children. She not only gets paid to babysit [the children hate her], but also get to use her as a political tool against trustees Paul Humpfer and Judy Sigwalt.

    Just go to http://www.cvillecan.wordpress.com

    aka Carpentersville Action Network

    This website is also a tool of our Village President Bill Sarto, just connect the dots. These self-serving chumps who run this site are unabashed in their blind loyalties to B. S. Sarto, Linda “they’re all racists and bigots” Sliwinski and of course that little fat dirt bag from Algonquin Dave Reese.

    Your next question as to why the nickname “hypocrite” for Paul Calusinski? I will answer that in my next column.

    Please stay tuned for more dirt at Aunt Brenda’s gossip corner.

    Just my thoughts,

  3. tedd45


  4. carpentersville2

    This is a copy of the first comment made by Paul Calusinski, which we removed due to the fact that it was written in bad grammar and poor spelling, not to mention the untruths in his statement. Besides, we wanted to save him the embarressment of coming off as illiterate and moronic, but since he insists that we use his comments….

    Hay i her Frank Stoneham has a new court date 12-28-07 at 9:00am in elgin ILL and thank you for tell the truth about Marty Sigwalt iam happy for Judy Sigwalt that truth about what happen at her home that she push Jackie Humpfer out the door and not getting Jackie humpfer any help for what her son did to her.
    ps.nice website Frank stoneham thanks for help Jackie the state is going to want to talk Marty now,thanks e=mailing everyone like village manger all trustes nice job you need help will see you Tyrone has nice cell for you.

    Either Paul Calusinski was impaired by alcohol or drugs, or he just has some type of learning disabilities. But, as far as the supposed facts he posted, not true. Funny how our Village Idiot B. S. Sarto has mentioned those same “facts” and he included that the State Attorney is looking for Frank Stoneham and that he recently missed a Court date. Where do you come up with these “facts” Paul Calusinski? How about you B. S. Sarto? From the bottom of a bottle of booze, pills or combination of both?

    This is the facts boys, Frank Stoneham has no Court date on Dec. 28 and he didn’t miss a Court date.

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